Saturday, January 27, 2018

My New Venture

I am excited because I have officially started my freelance editing business, Get it Write Editing Co. Some call me “Grammar Nazi” or “Grammar Queen”. I can't help it...I love proofreading and reading books and finding errors. I am also a children's book writer. Writing and editing are my passions!

Last year I was hired to edit two novels (not yet published).  I also do editing at my full-time job when needed.  I'm looking to take on some editing jobs this year and I appreciate any referrals.

Please visit my editing website Get it Write Editing Co

You can also view my author website Melanie Lopata - Author/Editor

Thank you for your support!!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Fearless Boy Inventor

Meet Jermiko Thomas. Jermiko is an author who wrote a children's book called The Fearless Boy Inventor.  The boy, Walter, decides to face his fears to find out exactly what thunder and lightening are, so he invents a machine to take him all the way to the clouds. What does Walter find?'ll have to read the book to find out! You can purchase the book on Amazon here... The Fearless Boy Inventor and be sure to leave a review (authors love reviews!).
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Jermiko has a great story which you can read here...Jermiko Thomas.  Because of where he came from (not speaking before he was 6 years old and having to face multiple challenges), he is motivated to break down walls...and he loves challenging people to chase their dreams – hence, his story about Walter.

And if you think Walter is cool, wait until Jermiko's second book comes out, Adventures with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)...coming 2018.
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For more information on Jermiko's books, you can follow his FB page Cornhill Entertainment.

I am proud to have recently met Jermiko and talk to him about his book and his story.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Silly Day

So today was fun. That's not sarcastic, it really was!! Silly things and laughter...made my day.

First was this...I was eating a cookie at work and half of it broke off and fell on the floor. I backed my chair up to look for it and CRUNCH! Oops...nice dark cookie ground into the rug. For some reason that made me laugh hysterically until I was near tears.

Later, I took my glasses off and set them on my desk for a minute and when I reached to pick them up, I grabbed my pen instead. Needless to say, pen in the eye!! {I'm ok}

This evening I went to the grocery store, and before going inside I stopped at the mailbox to throw an envelope in but my grocery list was in the same hand so down they both went!

And last but not least, at home I closed the back gate and since there's a lot of snow I had to slam it and as soon as it slammed, snow from the top fell onto my head. YAY!!!! I laughed; it's all good.

So those were the fun/funny things in my day. If you can't laugh at yourself...well, I don't know the rest of the saying but I sure as heck laugh at myself!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Birthdays Should Be Special

As my 40th birthday draws near (yes, the big one), I've been thinking about past birthdays.  Growing up, my mom always made birthdays fun for my sister and I.  Since my birthday is February 8th and falls two weeks before Valentine's Day, my mom would make my birthday cake with pink frosting (and sometimes sprinkles). At some point, the cake ended up being heart-shaped after she bought the heart-shaped moldings.  For my birthday parties as a child, she would include the pink and white Valentine's M&M's along with pink and white decorations.  I love that she always went out of her way to make my birthday special.

I remember one year I wanted a toy stove for my birthday (God only knows why...I hate to cook as an adult and am an "epic fail" at it) and I did get that stove for a gift!!
 me with grandpa with my new stove (and my sister in a box)

For those of you who have children, I hope you go out of your way to make your child's birthday extra special because those are memories that will stay with them forever.  If you don't have children, make a special birthday celebration for loved ones or friends.


Friday, December 29, 2017

Adventures of Harriet

Meet Harriet. She's a little girl with a big imagination. She loves adventures and really doesn't fear anything!! Your kids will love going on adventures with Harriet...especially if they don't like vegetables!!

In Harriet's first adventure, she is asked to try a new food.  She isn't really keen on trying new things, especially spaghetti.  Will she have to sit at the dinner table until she's old and gray?  Find out in Harriet and the Spaghetti Snake!

But wait!  There's more.  Harriet has a second adventure you won't want to miss.  Do your kids hate vegetables?  So does Harriet!  But wait til your kids find out what Harriet does and how she overcomes her hatred for these veggies in Harriet the Brave.

Tracy Kushwaha is a children's author who created the character of Harriet. She is a fun-loving mom who loves children and has a big imagination. You can find Tracy's books on Amazon (click on the photos above to take you right to the order page!). You can also follow her FB page at Adventures of Harriet.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Meet Tina

Do you love reading books? Check out my friend's FB page called Read n' Reviews where you can get some great ideas for reading materials and join in on reading events (we just did a book reading and discussion!  Next one begins Jan 1st!). If you are an avid reader, you will not be disappointed!

Tina also has a blog called Tina's Live and Laugh – you can find her FB page “Read n' Reviews” there as well as ways to save money, win free stuff, and even find some inspirational posts!

Tina is my friend, one of my #1 supporters in my children's book writing, and my children's book editor (an author should not edit their own work completely!). Tina is always there – sharing my work and getting my name out there.

Yes, my friend is a go-getter for sure, and I support her just as much as she supports me.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

A Little About My Books

I have written and published three children's books (which can be found on Amazon and Barnes and Noble). I love to write, and writing children's books is especially fun since I ran a daycare for many, many years. I would love to finish a novel that I've been working on for a few years, but for now I'll stick with children's books.

Let me tell you a little about my books.

The idea for first children's book, Hammy's New Home, was derived from a real life “Hammy”. My friends, Donny and Hope, had a little pig named Sir Hamalot (aka, “Hammy”) and one day when my husband and I were visiting, I met Hammy. He was an adorable pig, tucked away in his large muddy pen, and super lovable. After talking to him and doting on him, we (the humans) sat on the back porch having coffee while visiting, and our friends' dogs lay at our feet. During this visit, I kept hearing Hammy snort and make all sorts of cute pig noises in his pen. I felt bad and at one point said “he wants to be on the porch with us, not all alone in his muddy pen!”.

My friend, Hope, actually mentioned that I should write a story about Hammy and we joked about it. I didn't write the story until about a year later!

This book took a lot of time, not only to write and have illustrated, but to finalize for Create Space submission. Writing and self-publishing is a lot of work, but it can be fun and rewarding.

Illustrations were done by my friend, Chris Strange, from Little Falls, NY.  Chris did a wonderful job of capturing the expressions I needed from the people and animals in this book and I am happy about how Hammy looks.  Just a cutie!

My next book, If I Were A Duck was a fun one. Those who know me know that I am a silly person (I get that from my mother!) and I love to have fun. One evening, my husband and stepdaughter, Amber, and I were at a restaurant called Ninety-Nine and we had a bit of a wait until we got a table. We stood outside and watched the ducks swim in the pond and roam on the grass around it. At one point I said “wouldn't it be neat to be a duck for a day?” and proceeded to tell my husband and Amber what I would do if I could be a duck....for one day. That turned into a silly rhyme and BAM! An idea for a book.

Haven't we all, at one point in our lives, wished we could be some sort of animal?

Illustrations for this book were done by my friend, Sam Wittman, who did a wonderful job of capturing the idea of how fun it would be to be a duck!

And last but not least, Annie to the Rescue. I am a volunteer for a local animal rescue organization called Pause 4 All Paws. My husband and I have fostered (and adopted) from this group and I have been to a few of their events, volunteering and showing my support. One day, while talking to their founder, Johanna, the idea clicked and I sat right down that evening to write it! Of course it took longer than an evening.......I had to tweak it and re-write, proof and edit (thanks to my friend Tina Sanders who proofs/edits all of my work and is my #1 supporter!!) but finally, the story was finished.

15% of proceeds for Annie to the Rescue is donated to Pause 4 All Pause!  You can also find them on Facebook Pause 4 All Paws and become a volunteer, foster, or just give a donation.

Illustrations were done by my grandmother's cousin, Elaine Schmidt, who did a wonderful job of showing how dedicated Annie was to rescuing the dogs, as well as drawing the dogs (hey, I can't even draw a stick figure!).

Someone recently asked me if there was a specific reason I had for having a different illustrator for each book.  The reason is, I feel that each artist is unique in his/her own ability and why not use the right one for the job?  What I wanted from each one was exactly what I got.  I highly recommend all three of them!!

Stay tuned for my newest to be released in the new year!!

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