Sunday, July 1, 2018

God's Blessings

This week was a rough week for me in many ways, but God decided to drop some blessings into my life and I want to share some with you.

I received a children's book in the mail called Super Sushi Adventures – The Fun Begins, by a 10-year-old girl named Krithi Munagala. 

Krithi's mother hired me to do editing on the book and not only was she wonderful to work with, but the book is SUPER fun!! It was an honor to receive her book and be mentioned in the Acknoweldgements.

You can find this book on Amazon (don't forget to leave a review!) Super Sushi Adventures on Amazon, and also please visit Krithi's website, Kreative Krithi.

Next blessing was that I was named Children's Author of the Month for July for Wildfire Publications Magazine! It's always an honor to be recognized as an author.  Please check out their July issue by visiting!!

And last but not least, today my husband and I went up to Cooperstown, NY, to grab an iced coffee and walk by the lake. To my delight, the local library was having an outdoor book sale!!! I was in my glory. These are my finds.
Since I'm an author and editor, I'm never opposed to gaining more knowledge, hence the book Extra Grammar and Writing Exercises.

The Mary Higgins Clark book is neat because it's a memoir of her childhood and since she is one of my favorite authors, I know I'll love to read about her!

I collect old classics so I picked up Three Great Novels (Treasure Island, Kidnapped, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde) by Robert Louis Stevenson, Green Mansions by W.H. Hudson, and Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackeray. And of course A Midsummer Night's Dream by Shakespeare.

Along with continuing to write my children's books and novels, I'll be happy to read my fun finds (all $1.00 each!).

So no matter how bad my days/weeks are going, I'm always going to try to see God's blessings because to me, these certainly are.

If you'd like to know more about my writing, please visit my website at
And for any editing needs, go to my editing website at Get It Write Editing Co. 


Monday, June 11, 2018

The Couple Next Door

Interesting title.  Without giving away anything, I will say the title doesn't fit.  Yes, there was a "couple next door" and they had a little bit to do with the plot but not enough, in my opinion, to denote the title, The Couple Next Door.  I would say something like The Lies That Find Us or The Lies That Bind Us would be more appropriate.  Maybe even Tangled Web or Web of Deceit.

Anyway, I recently read this book.  In fact, I read it in less than 2 days.  Read for about an hour one day and finished it the next.  At first I was thinking it was boring, silly, and "do I really want to finish this?"...but give it a few chapters and you'll get into it.  I really liked the story.  In fact, I loved it!  Lies, betrayal, was all good!  It was really neat to see the lies getting tangled up, one right after another, with several different characters.  The author is quite clever!

So I give this one a 5 star rating...except the title!!  Let me know if you have read this and what you think the title should have been.

Find this book on Amazon by clicking this link...The Couple Next Door


Tuesday, June 5, 2018

My Beauties

I love plants and flowers!  I don’t have a flower garden or even a vegetable garden, but I do have some plants and I love taking care of them and seeing them thrive.

I didn’t always have an interest, though you’d think I would, what with growing up with a family of plant lovers.  My mom, sister, grandma and aunt still plant flowers and have beautiful gardens and/or plants.  In fact, I recently found out that my stepdaughter likes plants now (especially succulents) so we had fun going to Lowe’s and buying some!!

Here are three of my plants….a geranium that my mom bought for me when it was very small.  It’s growing beautifully!  The orchid in the middle, and my roses on the right.  My grandmother bought me the rose plant and all but killed it this past winter, as she had crushed it accidentally.  I revived it and it’s thriving!!


I had once tried an orchid but failed miserably. I felt awful, but I just couldn’t keep it alive.  In a recent conversation with someone who has good luck with orchids, she gave me some pointers and I decided to give it another try.

This is a plant I have had for awhile and don’t even know what it is.  I bought it at Home Depot because it had been small and vulnerable-looking and I just had to have it!  It grew so much I recently had to re-pot it.  Any ideas what this is??

And this is another my grandmother bought for me.  Don’t know what this one is either, but it’s beautiful!  She had left it out in the snow and it died, but as usual, I brought it back to life.

Those are my beauties. They make me smile, they make me happy, and I love looking at them.  What are your favorite plants?

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

A Few Great Novels!

I love to read and when the book is SUPER good, I feel I must share.  Here are a few of the latest books that I read and loved...and couldn't put down!  I won't give away anything so I'm not going to talk about the book plot, just giving you recommendations! 

The Storm King by Brendan Duffy
WHAT A GREAT BOOK!!!   I liked the characters and had guesses about who was "good" and "bad" (and I have to say I guessed wrong), and the story had you guessing what happened and where it was going.  It wasn't super suspenseful but kept my interest. And if you pay attention, there's a lesson in the story.

All the Missing Girls by Megan Miranda
Excellent story!!  And very good writing.  I couldn’t put this one down.  Megan kept you interested and it was not obvious “who done it”, which I like.  I like a book that makes you think!!  This book had suspense but not over-the-top suspense.
Words cannot even say what I thought about this one.  LOVED IT!!  If you like suspense and a great plot twist, READ THIS ONE!!  OMG I seriously had a major book hangover because I read this one evening from 7pm to 2am and then couldn’t fall asleep until 3am because I was thinking about the book!!  Did I mention SUSPENSE??  YOU MUST READ THIS ONE!  And I recently said to a friend “this one should be a movie”…and guess what?  It is going to be!!  Check A.J. Flynn on twitter!!

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Did You Know Part XII

A few "quirks"...
I can't sit still to watch a movie at home without doing something else (i.e. games on my phone, scrolling through Facebook, reading a book).
I sleep better at night if I have caffeinated coffee in the evening.
I do not like it when people are walking behind me (even little kids); it's a vulnerable feeling like someone is going to murder me.