Monday, October 31, 2011

Belt Blues

Last week I went to a concert.  I wore a sweater over my turtleneck and the sweater had a belt which I allowed to hang loose, as apparently was the style of this particular sweater.

While walking into the Church, I didn't realize that the belt hung to the ground and was dragging in the mud and snow.  When we sat down at our pew, I sat on the belt, causing it to soak my rear end a little.

Later, I went to the bathroom and as I was sitting down on the pot, the belt (same side as previously wet) dropped into the toilet (luckily it was before I "went") and I quickly pulled it out but it was too late; the belt end was soaked {{gag}}.  After returning to my seat, I quickly stuffed the belt in my purse.

So in conclusion, my "tip of the day" is.....when a sweater belt is long enough to drag on the ground and/or fall into a toilet, TIE IT!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday's Fave Five

Happy Friday everyone!! I hope everyone had a good week. Mine was pretty good and as always, I found many blessings each day, even if the day wasn't going my way. It helps for me to sit and pray and find the blessings, even “small” on a particular day (or days) that are not going well. My favorite fives are actually a favorite each day (or evening) out of this past week!!  Friday's Fave Five is hosted by:

Birthday dinner and cake!
My mother's birthday was Monday, so my husband (Joe) and I made dinner (chicken/broccoli casserole, our own thrown together recipe) and brought it up to my grandmother's house to share with mom and gram. I also made a yellow cake from scratch and it came out so good!! Bought the frosting because I have yet to attempt frosting from scratch - so in the meantime, it's all Moist Deluxe, thank-you-very-much.

Dinner and fellowship
On Tuesday, a young man from our church visited our home. My husband made one of his wonderful homeade pizzas and I made brownies (box mix, haha). We ate, talked about Scripture, and then Joe and him went to our “guitar room” and “jammed” for awhile. Not only did I enjoy the fellowship, my husband's mood was lighter because of the fellowship and “jam session” (and I didn't even cover my ears, no matter how loud the guitar playing!!).

Comfy and cozy
Wednesday evening I had no obligations and no place to go. It was a rainy, gloomy, cool evening so after my daycare kids left, I curled up in my jammies with a good book (can't remember what it was called but it was good) and enjoyed not having anything to do but read!

Thursday evening was the best of the week. My mother, grandmother, and our family friend Paul, drove to Immanuel Baptist Church to attend a Booth Brother's concert. The Booth Brothers are a trio of awesome singers from the south who used to be part of the Gaithers and I believe still sing with them on occasion. We expected a simple singing concert but we got so much more!

First, a group we haven't heard of, called Declaration (see sang for us. They are a trio of young men (ahh younger than myself I believe) and are really good and I was drawn to tears when they sang “Blessed Assurance” (one of my faves!!). So happy that the “old” hymns are not “dead”, especially to this generation.

Next, a young (beautiful) woman named Sherry Anne sang for us and gave her testimony. Again, I was brought to tears because some things I have recently been going through were things she talked about! Man, that could only be God! Then she sang “I Will Rise” as a tribute to the 24 year old former soldier and cop, Kurt Wyman (who was shot and killed on duty). His picture (in uniform) was on the large screen in the background while she sang. She did such a wonderful job I was moved to tears by her singing alone, then for 2 other reasons. First because of the tragedy that took Kurt Wyman (but he is with Jesus now, we know that) and second because the song says “I will rise, when he calls my name” and that just moves me so much. She sang a few more songs and then introduced the Booth Brothers who performed last but not least. They were wonderful; songs, Scripture and prayer.

The entire night was such a blessing. I had a chance to talk to Sherry Anne and she is a wonderful woman used by God and she was a huge blessing to me. Please check out her website

Hannaford Happenings
My last fave is kind of silly. It happened today (Friday) while I was at Hannaford. After a frustrating annoyance in the parking lot waiting for and wondering what an elderly woman was doing behind the wheel when she didn't seem to know how to drive and almost ran into me while trying to park, I drove around to another row and spotted a place to park but last minute I kept going forward then turned left into a different spot, realizing I almost cut off someone who was in front of me looking to park. As I shut the jeep off, I looked to my right to see the car I cut off was parking near me. We got out of our vehicles at the same time and as I walked from my jeep, he (the man I cut off; a man in his 50's I think) scurried along side me and I said “I am so sorry, I almost cut you off!” (expecting the middle finger or yelling from him) and he looked at me, put his hand on my shoulder while we walked, and said “Oh that's ok, not a problem at all.” Phew! Then he said “How are you today?” (umm....good? Lol) and I said “Um good now thanks” and he said “I'm shopping on my lunch hour, gotta hurry. Have a good day.”. He hurried into the store. What a nice man!! He could have reamed me out for my bad driving but instead made me feel good!! I almost stood there with my mouth wide open but walked into the store and prayed for that man. There really are good people out there!!

So there ya have it. My five faves. Hoping and praying y'all have a great weekend and don't forget to count all your blessings, no matter how “small” they may seem to you, because I like to think that God doesn't think any of His blessings are too small for us.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Have you ever......

1. Wondered why your water wasn't boiling on the stove then find out you turned the wrong burner on...OR.....forgot to turn any burner on?

2. Plug the curling iron in, come back later to curl your hair and wonder why it's not working...because you forgot to turn it ON

3. Put something in the fridge that belonged in the cupboard, or vice versa?

I thought so.  Those silly things and so many more are what makes life FUN!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Friday!! My Five Favorites....


Coloring with my husband. One morning, my husband sat at the kitchen table and began to color; alone. So my daycare kids colored along with him, then when they took their naps I colored with him. He colored for hours!! It was fun and relaxing.

My roses. I thought my two rosebushes would not produce any more roses this season but alas, I had 2 gorgeous white roses pop up this week. I enjoyed smelling them all week and looking at them.

My White Roses

Boys. I acquired two new boys for my daycare (brothers). They are 2-1/2 and 4 yrs old and a lot of fun. Except for one girl, I have ALL boys in my daycare!

Stepson. My stepson is driving home from RIT this weekend; we are all going to Fly Creek Cider Mill on Saturday then having lunch with friends after church on Sunday.

Visiting with friends. Tonight is “game night” at a friend's house. Dessert and games with my husband, stepdaughter and our two favorite people!

Happy Friday everyone!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Favorite Fives!!

Happy Friday everyone!!  I hope everyone enjoyed this past week and will have a fun weekend.  Here are my favorite fives from this week (and also see my other blog post for "Toddler Talk").

Surprise phone call from my stepson who is in college (his 1st year at Rochester Institute of Technology). I had a really crummy day and the phone call was to see how we were doing and I was thrilled!!

My mother!! I had suffered 3 days in a row with an awful headache and on the 3rd day, my mother stopped over after work just to drop off a gift bag to me!! She gave me candy bars, stickers, notepads, a beautiful Fall placemat decoration from Better Homes and Gardens, and my favorite magazine! What a fun blessing!!

Coffee with a friend (lol, that's always on my five faves). Can't let headaches inturrupt the blessings of friendship and coffee!!

Bible study tonight with close friends. That is always my favorite because I love our friends and the fellowship. We are reading through the book of Daniel now. First we will have dinner and dessert and I look forward to sitting at the table in the cozy kitchen of my friends' home!

My husband. My dear husband has been so patient with me all week while I suffered (and am currently suffering) with these awful headaches. He went to the grocery store for me, he made dinners and allowed me to go to bed early without complaint. I am so blessed to have a man who is so helpful and loving!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Toddler Talk

A conversation during coloring time; two toddlers talking about princes and princesses.  "My" little boy saying he wanted to be a princess.

Me:  Boys cannot be princesses.  A princess is a girl, a prince is a boy.  You can be a prince.


Him:  I have eyebrows!!!

lol well then!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Who, Me?

So I was walking my dog and a guy standing on his porch called out "Heyyyy cutie!!" and I responded "Hello"....the man replied "Oh I was talking to the dog".  Well!! [blushing]

Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday's Fave Five

It's a cool morning but the sky is blue and the sun is shining!!  Happy Friday everyone!  I had a pretty crummy week but as I usually do, I found some blessings in it though I am sure there were a ton more.  Here are my five faves:

1.  Coffee with friends one evening.  This was a day where my husband and I really needed this fellowship and even though I had a headache, I went along and we had a great time.  AND.....I used Pumpkin Spice cremora in my coffee! was my first time and now I am in love with Pumpkin Spice!!

2.  Dinner with family.  Mom and Grandma came over to our house the other evening and my husband made a wonderful meal of "lemon sticky chicken" (Gordon Ramsey recipe) and garlic mashed potatos....YUM.  Gram brought a store-bought strawberry ruhbarb pie with whipped cream and we had coffee, pie and worked on the Evening Telegram crossword puzzle together (a tradition since Grandpa was alive).

3.  Coloring with my daycare toddlers one morning and listening to their hilarious conversations.  For example, my 3-yr old boy insisted that Santa Claus had an "askident" (aka "accident") and cannot deliver toys this year because he has no hands; he has "paws"...hahahaaaaaaaaaa.  Another funny was two of the toddlers bantering back and forth about a favorite crayon and saying "Jesus said share".  HAHAHAA.

4.  Beautiful Fall weather this week; cool, crisp yet sunny with blue sky!!  LOVE IT!!

5.  My most fave will come this evening when our guests come over for a yummy beef stew dinner, coffee and a Fall dessert, and our Bible study!!

Happy Friday everyone!!!