Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Favorite Fives

Happy Friday everyone!!  Here are my five favorites......

My Sister's Visit
As I mentioned last week, my sister was here for a visit from Wisconsin. She is 14 months older than I and I usually only see her once a year. We had a fabulous visit!! We went to a small theater (local) and saw a production of “Arsenic and Old Lace” which was so good! We took walks, dined, and stayed up late chatting. I was very sad to see her leave and look forward to a visit next year!!

Me, Grandma, Leah, Mom

Border Collies!
My husband and I decided to adopt Cole, the 1-1/2 year old Border Collie that we fostered for a few days. Now we have TWO Border Collies; Luke (3) and Cole. Seriously it's double trouble but they are so much fun and Joe walks them twice a day and I do playtime in the yard (ball, frisbee, etc). Cole seems really happy here and I am glad we took him back from the farm and decided to adopt him. He is very loveable and is eager to learn and be loved.


New (old) Book
I went to an indoor garage sale this week and bought an old book for 50 cents. I have never read this author's novels but am enjoying it thoroughly. It's called The Road to Paradise Island by Victoria Holt. Fascinating novel and I highly recommend it!!

About this book. “Annalice Mallory, the sheltered daughter of a family of map makers, discovers the cryptic diary of her long-dead ancestor that includes a map of a mysterious far-of island. Philip, Annalice's brother, sets sail for the island, lured by the promise of incomparable riches to be found. But when he doesn't return, Annalice sets out to find him – and the secrets of the diary -- in a desperate journey that leads her through the worlds' most exciting outposts . . . and finally to the tropical islands of the South Seas, where she encounters heart-stopping peril, but also the promise of love.” (taken from

Dinner at Gram's
My grandmother hasn't cooked much since my grandfather passed away a year and a half ago but sometimes she surprises us and cooks a yummy meal! This week she made Galumpki (sp?), a good old Polish dish; hamburg mixture cooked inside cabbage. YUM. Haven't had that in a long time so that was a yummy treat!

Movie Night with my Husband
My stepdaughter, Amber, is having a friend stay overnight tonight and they rented two movies so I rented “The Secret Window” (starring Johnny Depp) for my husband and I to watch. We've seen this movie but have wanted to watch it again because it was confusing at first. It's been a very long time since we had movie night together.

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cat and Mouse (Mice!)

Ahhh, what a night (or I should say "morning).

I woke up at 2:30am to my cat, Gordon (the hunter) running around my room.  I thought he was just playing with his toys but when my husband turned on the light, he found out Gordon was chasing a mouse.  I covered my head with a pillow trying to ignore the goings-on around me but my husband decided to give me a play-by-play.  Finally, Gordon caught the mouse, played with it then ate half of it.  Joe, totally grossed out, stormed downstairs to get supplies to clean up the mess and rid of the carcass, while I sat in bed listening to Gordon throw up what he ate of little Mr. Mouse.  Joe came back upstairs to see the vomit and was even more annoyed (enraged?).  I cleaned up the vomit and the mouse and went back to bed.  A little later, Gordon was chasing ANOTHER mouse.  This time he lost it.  By then, Joe was too disgusted to remain in that room so he slept downstairs on the couch.

When I got up this morning, I didn't reach for my glasses before proceeding to my closet to get my clothes.  As I was walking towards the closet, Joe was coming into the bedroom and said "You just stepped over another dead mouse".  Aughhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Image taken from

Note to self....put glasses on BEFORE getting out of bed!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

My Five Favorites!!!!

Happy Friday everyone!!  Here are my five favorites......

Beautiful Fall Weather!
Most of the week we have had gorgeous weather, in the 50's and 60's.  I spent a lot of time outside playing with my dog, walking and hiking!

Border Collies!
My husband and I have a Border Collie, Luke (who is 3 yrs old today!!) but this week we fostered a 1-1/2 yr old Border Collie, Cole, who we saved from neglect.  Two Border Collies are a LOT of work but my husband had Cole trained in a day and a half and Luke had a friend for a couple of days.  I LOVE Cole but I know he is best with a family on a farm where he can run and be free since all of his life up til this week was spent in a crate 20 hours a day.  People can be so cruel (and dumb!).  I cried when my husband took him to the farm but happy because I know he'll have a better life.  Two Border Collies, two cats and a daycare at home is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much for me thank-you-very-much!!

Cole and Luke

Laughing with Friends!
We had our bi-weekly Bible Study on Wednesday night this week since Friday we are busy.  We are still going through the book of Daniel.  Good times with friends, as usual.  However, for some reason, my friend "H" and I could NOT stop laughing...almost hysterically!!  We'd burst into fits of laughter out of nowhere!  At one point I thought I'd pee my, it can happen.  I haven't laughed that hard in a VERY long time and it was probably the best laugh I had EVER!!

My husband made chili dinner for us this week and it was the best chili I have ever had!  We don't put kidney beans in ours.  Our chili consists of Joe's own sauce (like tomato pastes and crushed tomatos, etc) and spices; hamburg and sausage; peppers and onions.  YUM!!!

And my most most most favorite of this week is................

Visit from My Sister!!
My sister (who is 14 months older than I) lives in Wisconsin and I see her once a year if I am lucky. Last year I saw her twice. I had a planned visit for August, but she flew to NY in June for my grandfather's funeral. So two visits in one year was great (even if her flying here wasn't for a happy occasion). She is visiting for a week and staying at our house. She flew in on Thursday and tonight her and my grandmother and I are going to the Ilion Theater to see a play called “Arsenic and Old Lace”!! Tomorrow is shopping then dinner out. I love spending time with my sister and every moment is precious!!!

Me and my sister, Leah

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!