Saturday, December 17, 2011

[Don't] Watch Where You Step

I am used to stepping in cat puke or on a dead mouse or anything my cats or dogs bring in (or up).  That is why I am surprised that this morning when my foot brushed against the furry part of my slipper, I jumped and screamed thinking it was a mouse! You'd think I'd be used it it by now.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Favorite Fives

Happy Friday Everyone!! I didn't put in my “five faves” last week but I assure you, I had “faves”. It was a wonderful Thanksgiving week and I had many, many things to give “thanks” for.

My Favorite Fives for This Week:

Monday!! Yes, I said Monday. I usually loathe Mondays simply for the fact that after a nice weekend, I don't want to have to get back into the routine of getting up early (I am not, after all, a morning person). But this particular Monday I was looking forward to. On Thanksgiving week, I had 5 days off.....5 days!! Wednesday through Sunday (I don't work weekends but am counting those days). I had a wonderful little vacation; spending time with my hubsand, resting, decorating for Christmas and visiting with friends. However, I did miss my daycare kids so Monday was a day I was looking forward to.

Time with Friends (always a fave!). On Tuesday evening, my husband and I had dinner and dessert with my cousins who are also good friends of ours.
Time with Dogs. I've enjoyed walking the dogs with my husband. Our new addition, Cole, is a very good dog and him and Luke get along very well. We take them every morning and every evening to a nice trail along the Canal nearby our home. They love it and my husband and I get to spend time together!!

Blessings of God. We have had an ongoing problem in our Jeep which had something to do with the fan. My husband replaced the something-or-other awhile ago and it “went” again so he spent $160.00 last week for the parts again. Him and my cousin worked hours on replacing this part and still the motor relay (whatever that is) “blew” (that part is $56.00). So my husband had to take the Jeep to a shop, expecting a $200-300 bill. When he told me what to expect, I told God “I praise You anyway; You are good no matter what”. Well, my husband came home later holding a receipt for a bill that was only $76.00!! God IS good...but He would still be good if the bill happened to be $200-300.

This Weekend. On Saturday morning, I get my 2 daycare brothers (ages 3 and 6 months) all day and overnight til Sunday while the parents go away. Not only do I earn some extra money but I get to “play mommy” too! My good friend, Hope, and I are going to take the baby shopping with us on Saturday while the older child is at a birthday party. I can't wait!!