Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday's Favorite Fives

It's been awhile since I have done my five faves. I got into a “rut” so to speak, and wasn't doing much writing at all. I'm back into it so here goes. These are my faves from this week!!

Doctor's Appointment
Though the appointment itself wasn't my “fave” because of the socially-challenged doctor (see previous blog post), I was glad to have the appointment because I was referred to a Pulmonary specialist so I'm on the road to finding out what is wrong with me (er, physically – lol)

Piano Lessons
I have three students now! I'm not a “professional” but I took five years of lessons when I was younger and it feels good to be able to teach these girls who are about the age I was when I started. I look forward to lessons each week to teach new things and hear how my students have progressed.

Jane Eyre
I love this book!! I read it a couple of years ago, and saw the black and white movie, but I wanted to re-read this classic. I am more than halfway through and most nights have trouble putting it down but my eyes fail to stay open any longer so I must put it down. I find it sad how Jane was treated because she was an orphan and was “plain”. She trudged through life, however, and didn't have a terrible attitude about it. Good for her!

Christmas Decorations
We put up some lights, decorations and our tree this week. I love Christmas lights; so cozy! We decorated the tree with my stepdaughter and had some laughs, especially when I tried to have a nice picture taken of me and my two Border Collies in front of the tree. Heh, this is all I got.

The Weekend!
Definitely a fave for me this week. The week seemed long and had some rough patches, but the weekend is finally here and tonight my husband and I are going to light a fire in the wood stove and watch a movie and then I am going to look forward to sleeping in tomorrow!!

Have a great weekend, everyone!!
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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Mouse is About

A mouse is about, I can hear him scurry

The cats don't take notice, I wish they would hurry

The mouse runs about, scurrying to and fro

The cats don't take notice, too bad they don't know

Useless cats, asleep they are

I think I'll toss them out afar

What will I do with this mouse of mine

Perhaps I'll keep him, that would be fine

I'll make him a home in the Christmas tree

He'll love it there, I'm sure, you'll see
Running across branches, looking at lights

He'll be in comfort, a sure delight

A mouse is about and I'll let him stay

Surely it is the only way


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

No Sense of Humor

My visit to a doctor this week was....not quite pleasant. The doctor (whose name I will not mention) was a, donkey (if ya know what I mean). His “bedside manner”, so to speak, was less than desirable. He never cracked a smile and glared at me more often than not. He didn't seem to be taking my symptoms seriously and often gave - or suppressed (I am sure) - an eye roll.

First I sat there while he went over my medical history. I found it amusing (and a bit annoying) that certain things were missing from my history (certain medical testing) but he seemed to rush through that much for that.

Then, he asked me questions. I tried to be humorous because his stoic manner was causing me to be quite uncomfortable.

Doc: “History of mental illness?”
Me: [giggles] “Heh, well that's to be determined”
No response. Just a glare.
Me: [ahem] “No, not that I know of”

Doc: “Do you smoke?”
Me: “Nope”
Doc: “Drugs?”
Me: “Nope” (um and if I did do drugs would I be admitting that to someone???)
Doc: “Alcohol?”
Me: “Heh, I love me some wine!”
No response. Just a glare.
Me: [ahem] “Um, sure, a little”

Well so much for making light of being there with Mr. Frowns-a-Lot. The appointment ended soon after, me being referred to a specialist (heh, Pulmonary, not mental). I seemed to be an annoyance to the doctor so I fled that place as soon as I could!!

Honestly I wasn't trying to give the doc a hard time but he was so serious and since he walked into the room it seemed I was a bother to him. He was annoyed when I asked questions about my symptoms and rushed  me through the visit. Maybe because I was his last appointment? Who knows.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cats n Dogs

I am an animal lover. I love cats, dogs, horses, and more! I always wanted to live in the country and have several animals, but I am settling for a house in town with a fenced in yard and a basement where I can keep the cat litter.

I started out with one cat. His name was Samson. I had Sam for 9 years and he was 11 years old when he passed away. I miss him terribly; he cannot be replaced.


Gordon came after Samson; we found Gordon up in the country as a stray that someone must have dropped off at my grandparents' house which was on an old farm. He was thin and friendly and we took him home and fed him and loved him. Little did we know he was bi-polar (my diagnosis). He can be very loving and he can be very mean. I don't think he intentionally is mean, he is just kind of a kitty psycho! But...we love him anyway. My step-children name him Gordon after the NASCAR racer Jeff Gordon [eyes rolling] and I left that one alone seeing how my step-daughter originally wanted to name him FLUFFY!!! We love Gordon; he is half mancoon and definitely has a distinct personality!


Later on, we got Luke, our Border Collie. He was 6 weeks old when we brought him home to surprise my step-children 2 days before Christmas. We fell in love, and spoiled him....rotten! I love my boy but he is definitely a “momma's boy”, lol. Luke is almost 4 years old. He is a seizure dog but doesn't get them too often and they don't last long when one hits. I love this dog so much; his silly antics, his intelligence, his personality.


When Luke was 3, we took in Cole, a 1-1/2 year old (at that time) Border Collie who was in desperate need of a loving home, as his entire life up til then had been spent in a crate; eating and sleeping. We heard he was abused as well (as if the 16-20 hours per day he was crated wasn't abuse enough!) but he is the most loveable dog I know! He listens very well and is so eager to please. He is a “daddy's boy” for sure. He looks to my hubsand for everything, unlike Luke who does his own thing when he wants to.


So those are my “babies” in a nutshell.

Oh. Wait! I'm sorry, I am not finished. There's more. Yes, yes, more.

My husband and I recently were taking a walk on the trail along the canal and I spotted an orange, male cat – very friendly! He was purring and ran right up to me; even let me pick him up! We walked the trail and when we got back to the parking lot and he was still there. In fact, he ran right up to me. I knocked on the door of MOVAC (ambluence center) which was next to parking lot, and the guy said this cat was dropped off 3-4 days ago and has been hanging around. Well. You can imagine what I did. I scooped him up and took him home! He warmed up immediately, gives no attention to the dogs, and loves to play. Him and Gordon get along well; I remind Gordon that HE was once a stray when we brought him home and he needs to be nice. We didn't intend on keeping him, but....well, that's how it goes.


Losing Samson was a huge blow to me. I loved that cat. I still do. No cat can ever, ever take Sam's place. But this orange male needed a home and I have all the love to give. We named him Simba.

I love my life; I love my pets and my family. I love my daycare and my home. I am blessed.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Things You Should Not Do on a Treadmill...while in use

1.  Read or type a text message

2.  Lean over to adjust your knee brace

3.  Close your eyes...without holding on

4.  Turn to talk to your dog (as he may try to get up on treadmill with you)

Friday, August 24, 2012

Favorite Fives
Welcome to my favorite fives!  Hosted by Susanne, Living to Tell the Story!

Date Day
My husband and I went to Lake George on Sunday for the day. We were blessed with beautiful weather; sunshine, blue sky, a light breeze with warm temps. We ate lunch first, on a deck of a cute place right on the main drag of the village. After lunch we walked around the park where a huge “merchant's circle” was set up (tents and people selling all sort of things from crafts to food); walked through the village in and out of shops (I bought a purse!!) and had wine tasting at a cute Adirondack wine shop. We sat on Adirondack chairs near the lake and watched people walking and swimming and boating, then later had dinner at a restaurant next to the lake with a fun summer drink called White Mango!! A wonderful day in Lake George!

I am thankful that the Lord has allowed us to run a daycare in our home. It's not easy getting kids because it seems like everyone is doing daycare now but we love the kids we have and feel very blessed!

Out with Gram
This week, my grandma and I went to an outdoor concert featuring a band called “Second Time Around”. They played a couple of polka songs and swing dance music, etc. Was refreshing to hear music from that era, way long ago, compared to the music you hear today!! We got an ice cream cone after the concert.

I am blessed to have wonderful friends, most of whom pray for me and with me and I can share things with, have a glass of wine or cup of coffee with, etc. I love friends!

I am LOVING this cooler morning and evening weather. My favorite season is Fall. I am not a lover of hot, humid weather.

Have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Library

1.  There should NOT be toys in any library for children to play with. Whatever happened to the days of “QUIET” in the library?

2.  It used to cost 50 cents for a library card. I lost mine and had to pay $3.00 to replace. $3.00!!!

3.  My favorite book in the childrens' section is called “Walter the Farting Dog”. Seriously, why haven't I published one of MY kids' stories??

Friday, August 17, 2012

Wisconsin - Our Trip

Recently, my husband and I drove to Madison, Wisconsin to visit my sister, Leah. I have been there a few times but never with Joe and it was nice to get away on a longer trip with him. Driving out there wouldn't have been bad, but we didn't time it well as far as where we'd end up during rush hour in Chicago!! Of course we arrived prime rush hour Chicago. We sat and inched around the city for 2 hours. TWO HOURS! I finished my novel, ate two turkey sandwiches, and complained about having to pee during those two hours. Finally we made it OUT of dreaded Chicago and got to Madison around 9pm.  It was wonderful to see my sister again!  I love hanging out with her and being downright SILLY!

Over the course of 4 days, we had a great time walking downtown (State Street) in and out of little shops, eating lunch, touring the State Capital Building, and more!

 My sister, Leah, and I at the Capital Building

Met my brother-in-law for dinner at a great restaurant/club called “The Great Dane” where I enjoyed a few (heh, a “few”) concoctions I think were named White Mango(?). Anyhoo, dinner was great, and watching people was fun (we watched people play pool and shuffleboard). One interesting case was a man and woman playing pool and suddenly the man reaches over and places his hand on the woman's breast and they just stood there like that. The oddest part was that they just stood there! He wasn't fondling, just had his hand there. She didn't scream or slap his hand away, nor did she laugh or giggle or seem like she enjoyed the touch. Just straight faces, standing there in that position for at least a minute or two – not even saying a word - then resumed playing pool. Great topic of conversation for us!

 My brother-in-law (Charles) and I at The Great Dane

We also (over the weekened) watched local performers in their rehearsal for some trapeze thing they were doing (can't remember the name but it was SUPER cool) and toured the micro-brewery which featured German beers (Madison is all about the Germans).  I thought it was neat learning how beer was made and the tour guide was witty...and the German beer was GOOD (and I am not normally a beer drinker).

 Joe and I in the keg room of brewery

The Farmer's Market downtown on Saturday was super cool but super crowded. There were vendors lined up for several blocks and then some! The highlight for me was a really good cup of coffee and a HUGE blueberry danish! One night we went to this cool place next to the lake called The Terrace, which is tons of chairs and tables (quite colorful) and coffee/beer stands, and a stage where bands play (we watched a country music band perform that night). I tried a Brat (German hot dog?) for the first time...YUM! There were TONS of people there that night and it was nice to be out where there was life.

 Joe and I enjoying Brats

The Terrace at Night

We ate a LOT on our trip. Tried to eat healthy most of the time but hey, we were on vacation (and did tons of walking). My sister made us an Angel Food Cake from scratch one evening and Joe made pizza from scratch and just chilled and enjoyed food (and wine).

And we can't forget about the rest stops on the road trip....those are always interesting......

No one can tell me they have been to service areas and not ever had a fun/weird/bad experience. There is always something! Here were my interesting adventures in rest areas:

~Using my foot to flush toilet instead of hand, therefore causing my shoe to almost slip off into the toilet!

~Opening the door to the Jeep thinking my husband had come to a stop and parked when, in fact, he did not.

~Walking towards service area late at night and seeing all of the lights flash off....then on again.

~A grand piano in the middle of the room playing on its own while people stood around it and gawked.

~Pushing the flap of bathroom garbage can and entire top goes crashing to the ground, echoing loudly.

~Crummy coffee and expensive cheeseburgers.

That sums up our trip! Super fun but good to be home!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Do you notice that on Facebook statuses/comments, texts, blog comments, emails, etc., people are using “lol” more often? Especially on FB comments. Hey, I'm not judging, I do it myself more often than not. But recently I got to thinking....WHY do we write “lol”? I mean, can't we just do the act of laughing out loud at someone's status on FB and move on? Do we have to announce that we laughed out loud? Does anyone really care that we laughed out loud? Perhaps many people have laughed out loud at my statuses or even text messages but never commented “lol” and it doesn't hurt my feelings! Though there is kind of a twisted pleasure I get in seeing the famous “lol”.

Then we have the BOL which I'd like to say I created but probably was around and I never knew it. The BOL means “burst out laughing” because I normally don't just laugh out loud, I BURST out laughing....out loud.

Can't say I have ever rolled on the floor laughing, or as people say, “ROFL”.  Have you ever rolled on the floor laughing? Maybe when I was 7. I'd like to laugh so hard I roll on the floor but unfortunatley I'd probably pee my pants laughing so hard before I could hit the floor so I won't even try going there.

Here's one more annoying. The LMAO. Now how can someone laugh their a** off? I mean I have had some pretty hard laughing spells but my a** never came off let me tell you! So why not stick with the “lol”. You laughed out loud. Your rear didn't fall off, you didn't pee your pants, you just laughed out loud and survived it. The worst is LMFAO but I won't even GO there.

I am probably the worst culprit of the “lol” commenting and now I just absolutely cannot help myself because now that I am well aware of the habit, I am worse than ever. Lol :)

But when it all comes down to it, most people are just smiling or chuckling and write “lol” just because it's something to write, letting the other person know you think they are funny.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Blueberry Picking

I have never been blueberry picking....ever! So today I decided to not only journey out for the first time berry picking and took two 4-year-olds with me (daycare kids). My husband stayed home with the smalls because there was no way I was chasing two 1-year-olds around the berry patch!!

The blueberry picking fields (or whatever you call them) were beautiful. Rows and rows upon rows of round, juicy blueberries! I could have done without the obnoxious bird noises, which one of the kids told me was a recording coming through speakers to keep real birds away (??).

Our picking adventure was uneventful for the most part. We had an incident where one of the boys started off in a run and somehow his pail went flying which caused all of his blueberries to scatter everywhere. The look on his face was priceless and we all laughed and resumed picking.

My other 4 yr old had to show me every “big” berry he picked...EVERY big berry! Oh, and he dubbed himself “blueberry king” since he picked the most and the largest. That brought on a nice little competition.

After nearly an hour of picking fun, we headed back to the front to pay. On our way down the path, I nearly lost my footing, almost causing all of MY berries to go flying. PHEW.....I saved them.

After berry picking we picked up Burger King for lunch (yes, nutritious right?) and brought lunch home for the smalls as well. After lunch we made blueberry muffins from scratch and then the boys drew pictures of “what we did today”.

Very fun day but I have one word....NAPTIME?????????

Friday, May 18, 2012

I'm Back!

It's been awhile since I blogged and though my life hasn't been terribly exciting lately I do have some special “tips” for ya'll. Read between the lines and find the “tips”.

Spillin' Seeds
One evening, I was carrying an open bag of bird seed down my back porch steps when I lost my footing causing me to stumble forward and spill most of the bird seed out onto the deck. I stood there dumbfounded at first, wondering how in the world I would clean the mess up. Alas, the birds took care of that for me. The downfall? I have bird poop all over my deck.

Backyard Mishaps
I love hanging out with my Border Collies in the back yard whether it's throwing a ball or frisbee or just running around with them. One evening I was running around the yard with the dogs but I was doing this while wearing sandals. Take a guess at how that one turned out. Next, I threw the frisbee flew too far and landed on the other side of a rickety old picket fence at the end of our yard. Silly me (and maybe a glass or two of wine later) I stood on the bottom “rung” of the fence and leaned over to fetch the frisbee. Sadly, I almost fell forward on my head. I had to walk around the block to get into the backyard of my neighbor's house to grab the frisbee. That was a fun evening!

Can I Take Your Order?
My favorite has to be the time (a few weekends ago) when my husband and I decided (on a whim) to go out to dinner together, like a “date night”. We went to one of our favorite local restaurants, Sorrentos', and were seated at a cozy table in the corner. I felt eyes upon me for a few minutes and finally had the nerve to look over and noticed the lady (one of two) sitting at a nearby table, was staring at me with a small smile on her face. I smiled back and as I was turning back to my own business, she spoke.
Strange lady: “Excuse me, is your coat a Calvin Klein?”
Um, yeah RIGHT like I could afford THAT.
No” I responded politely, “It's from Burlington and I don't know the brand”.
Strange lady: “Oh, because I have a jacket JUST like that one and it's a Calvin Klein. Cost me $100”
Oh” I answered politely. Looked at tag and turned back to her. “Nope, it's a something-something from Burlington all right”.
Strange lady: “Hmmm. That's funny because it looks exactly like my Calvin Klein but I had to leave it in my car because I just had surgery on my hand......”...blah blah blah crap that I don't care about.
Me: {little laugh} “Oh ok. Well mine is definitely not a Calvin Klein and it's definitely mine”
Goodness lady, are you accusing me of stealing your COAT??
Strange lady laughed a little then shut up. I resumed my conversation with my husband while out of the corner of my eye I could see her staring at me with that tiny smile.
Finally her and her friend finished eating dinner and strange lady asked for her leftovers to be wrapped. The waitress brought the wrapped remains and strange lady said “Oh I didn't want this, I wanted the Catallini”. Waitress was confused and said “You want to order the Catallini?”. “No,” said strange lady. “I ordered the Catallini but you brought me something else so I want to take the Catallini home”. “But you ate what I brought you” sputtered the waitress. On and on this went until the manager came over and insisted that you cannot eat most of your meal and then ask to have something ELSE wrapped unless you pay for it.
FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY the strange lady and her friend left and my husband and I managed to have an enjoyable dinner.

Well folks, that about wraps it up. Hope you found the “what not to do” tips in my stories. That will probably save you some embarrassment in the future! Remember to check your feet when you leave the house to make sure you're not wearing your slippers; remember that clean coffee mugs do not go into the refrigerator (nor dirty ones); and always, always watch where you step if you have dogs!

Peace out!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Poop Head

While in the back yard tossing the frisbee to my Border Collies, I noticed a log of poop that had a reddish color to it. I wondered what that could have been from but didn't wonder too long because I ended up forgetting about it until a few days later while out back and finally decided to examine. By that time, the poop had dried and lo and behold, I found the culprit of the reddish color. My hair scrunchie. One of the little buggers ate my hair scrunchie and pooped it out!

I'll let you wonder whether I threw it away or washed it ;-P