Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday's Fave Five

TGIF Everyone! And I mean TGIF!!!!! Wow what a week! Fussy babies, toddlers who don't share, and lack of coffee (I had cut down significantly). But, as always, I managed to pull out some faves.

1.  Had coffee with a friend on Monday, then we went thrift store shopping! Love my friend and love thrift shops!

2.  Got a Christmas gift already!! So excited.....this inspires me to buy one when I see it and not wait til last minute like most years.

3.  My bi-weekly grocery shopping was definitely a fave this week because I got some really great deals at Hannaford. I usually buy non-name brand stuff (though some things you just cannot get cheap, gotta go with name brand) and lots of sale items. I came home feeling very proud of myself for doing such a good job this time!

4.  French Vanilla coffee in my one-cup coffee maker (Senseo).  Mmmmmmm so frothy and tasty.  No cream or sugar needed!!!

5.  Relaxing night tonight. Haven't felt that great lately so we decided to do nothing tonight except dinner (tacos) and perhaps a movie (“Facing the Giants”) just me, hubby and stepdaughter!

Happy weekend everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Monday, January 23, 2012

Warming Up

Tip of the Day:  While waiting for the tea water to boil, do not lean against the stove to keep warm near the burner, or your sleeve will - or almost will - catch on fire!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Fridays Five Faves

Happy Friday everyone!  This was a pretty good week.  Cold and snowy but "tis the season"!  Hope y'all have a great weekend!  Here are my five favorites:

Martin Luther King Day
Lol this is for a selfish reason; because I only had 3 kids for daycare that day and it was a nice, easy, lazy day!! The kids got more one-on-one and my husband and I got a little break!!

Dinner with Family
My husband made his yummy pizzas and we took them to my cousin's house to enjoy with him and his wife and spend time with them and their almost 1-year old son. We always have fun with them; they're really close friends of ours and of course I love little Scott!

Piano Lessons
This week was my first piano lesson. Not getting it, but giving it. I took piano lessons for 5 years when I was 11 years old and have an old piano in my home. My friend asked me to give her 12 year old daughter lessons once a week (with pay!) and then another friend asked the same thing for her daughter! Not only do I get to do something I love, but I get extra money to sock away!!

Pajama Party
Today is “pajama party day” at Daycare! The kids come in their favorite pj's and I wear mine as well. We're going to bake cookies, watch a movie with popcorn and maybe build a “fort”! It's cold out and snowy so this is the perfect day for such an event.

Dinner and Bible
Our bi-weekly Bible study is this week and our host, Hope, is cooking us a yummy Chicken and Dumplings dinner!! With apple cake for dessert {drool}. We're on Chapter 7 of Daniel!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Watch out for that icy patch!!!

Last night I went to Walmart and the weather was "icky".  Very slick roads and sidewalks and, um, parking lots.  I managed to walk into the Library and back out to the Jeep unscathed, though the sidewalk was quite slippery.  However, my experience at Walmart wasn't as great.  I shuffled my way into the store, careful not to slip.  On the way out, I was pushing my shopping cart which wasn't heavy and laden down but I had heavy enough stuff that I couldn't carry on my own.  As I was pushing the shopping cart towards my Jeep, I was well aware of the slippery conditions, most especially because my cart wheels (hahaa cartwheels) were slipping as I was pushing.  I was just feet away from the Jeep when MY feet slipped on an icy patch and I felt myself going down.  Quick thinking, I held tight to the cart thinking it would surely stop my fall. I mentioned, the cart was not heavy laden with things and therefore, the cart began to roll over me!!  I found my footing in time and managed to jump up and push my way to the Jeep, while exclaiming "woohoo, that was fun!" to any nearby onlookers, as to curb my embarassment.

Good times at Walmart.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Fridays Five Faves

Happy Friday!!  I totally forgot about the five faves until I saw a friends' post, so hear goes:

Visit from Friend
My high school friend came over to my house Monday evening to visit.  We enjoyed a glass of wine and some brownies (made by yours truly!!).  We try to get together a few times a month!!

Hair Cut
I know, I know, it sounds "blah" but trust me, my hair was overdue for a good cut from my favorite stylist at Serenity in Herkimer.  I got an inch off (growing me hair out) and she trimmed up the layers and angled the front. I felt SO good after that cut/style.  Nothin' like pampering!!

My cough/cold/sinus thing still hung on this week so I was forced to rest most of the week in the evenings after my daycare kids went home.  Rest is good because I get ample Bible time while I relax in bed with a cup of hot Green Tea!!

We got some snow this week; not a lot and most is slushy, but enough to go out to the backyard and run around with my Border Collies. They love the snow and I have fun watching them play in it.

Doing Nothing
I have no plans for tonight and that makes me happy, as well as the thought of sleeping in on Saturday AND not going out of the house because it's going to be 15 degrees.

Hope everyone has a happy and safe weekend!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thought of the day.....

Y'ever wonder how in the world anti-diarrheal pills work?  They are SO can one tiny pill actually STOP diarreah??  Just wonderin.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Diary of 5

Participating in this awesome writing exercise about our senses and the world around us.....hosted by Peggy from The Simple Woman.  Head on over to link up and participate

I SAW.................

Innocence when I looked into the eyes of the 3 month baby (from my daycare) old I was rocking this afternoon

I TASTED.............

Spice as I bit into my chicken smothered with a spicy sauce my husband concocted

I HEARD..............

My two Border Collies barking/growling as they played with eachother outside

I SMELLED............

Poop because my cat, who is sick, pooped on the bathroom floor

I AM FEELING........

Relaxed as I sit with a glass of wine with my dogs lying near my feet

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tea Time

I discovered my cat, Gordon, drinking out of my tea cup.  First of all, CATS LIKE TEA????  Second, that cup has been sitting there (on my desk) for several days now (I'm guessing about 5 at least) so there must be a bit of mold in there...blechh!!!

So I'm wondering.....why can't my husband and I have "normal" pets?

Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday's Five Fave

Happy Friday everyone!!  Here are my favorites from the week!

1.  Rest!  I rung in the new year with a cold so Sunday was spent resting.  I stayed in bed most of the day and caught up on sleep and Bible reading!!  It was a very relaxing day.

2.  Bible!  I decided to do the "read the Bible in 365 days" thing.....I have a chart in the back of my Bible and though I've read most of the Books of the Bible throughout my lifetime, I decided to go in order and use the chart as a guide.  I don't just read though; I really study and look at the commentary and pray about what I'm reading so I'll have a better understanding.  Keeps me disciplined and draws me closer to God.

3.  Day Off!!  Monday was a day off for my husband and I, so we ran a few errands, did some grocery shopping, visited his parents, and overall just relaxed with no demands for the day.

4.  Waffles!  I got a new waffle-maker for Christmas (my first waffle-maker!) and didn't get around to using it til this week.  YUM!!  Nice, fluffy, golden homeade waffles {drool}.

5.  The Weekend!!  Tonight is Bible Study and homeade pizza (thanks to hubby); Saturday is gram's birthday so we're going out to dinner; Sunday is Church and then dinner at my cousin's house!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!!