Tuesday, March 27, 2012


This is a tribute to my cat, Samson. He had to be put to sleep on March 7th. He was 11 years old and I had him for 9 years

 Sam was my “baby”, my best animal friend. Sam was found wandering the streets of Pennsylvania by my aunt and uncle. He was an FIV cat (Feline Immune Deficiency) so my aunt and uncle didn't want to keep him as he may pass it on to their other cats because they had so many. I didn't have a cat; I just moved into my very own apartment, by myself, and welcomed Sam with open arms. It was me and him for 2 years until I married my husband. Sam was loved by Joe and his kids (I wouldn't have it any other way) and he was a huge part of the family....yeah, literally. He got so big at one point, our vet told us to put him on a diet. Yikes!

Sam was sick a lot. He had to have surgery right before I was married. He was in the vet's office for 3 days after surgery and I visited him there which was a good thing because he wouldn't come near the front of the cage for anyone but me.

A few years after I had Sam, I found Gordon, our gray, part mane coone cat, and they became best buds.
 They both loved to be outdoors so when we put the fence up at our home, we let them wander out back just checking on them occasionally. Sam especially loved to roll around in the dirt in the sun.

Samson was very spoiled, by yours truly. He always slept in the bed with me, even after I married Joe. He would curl up next to me as close as he possibly could get and we always joked around that he couldn't possibly get any closer!! He just liked to cuddle, that's all. Sometimes, he would curl up on my pillow above my head....that was not allowed and quite annoying, lol.

Sam knew I was a strict schedule keeper and I always went upstairs around the same time each night to get ready and conk out in bed. Usually around 9:30/10 is when I would go up and Sam would always come downstairs and wait in the doorway for me, sometimes meowing. And when I was ready to go up, he'd run up the stairs with me. He was ready for bed and would not go to bed until I went to bed.

Samson was an easy-going cat and full of love. He loved anyone who would allow him to sleep on their bed and allow him on their lap. 

Sadly, he began to have liver and kidney failure before Christmas 2011. The vet put him on pills and he was ok with those for awhile but gradually began losing weight and had to go back to the vet's office two more times to be hooked to an IV (for dehydration) and given more medications. I watched him slowly get worse but didn't want to put him down if he had more in him and would live longer and get better. People told me I would know and they were right. The week of March 7th, I knew. On Tuesday he began wandering more than usual and it became dangerous (walking into walls, coming down the stairs and wobbly, etc.). I had to lock him in my bedroom so he wouldn't get hurt. I spent as much time with him as I could. On Wednesday, I called the vet in the morning. Sam just “wasn't there”, you could tell. We scheduled a euthanization for the evening. I spent the afternoon with Sam while the daycare kids were napping and after the kids left, I layed in bed with Sam for almost 2 hours before my husband and mom took him to the vet's office. Our last hours together were peaceful; Sam layed on my chest and was peaceful.

The hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life was to send my cat to the vet to have him put down. I hate it. I hated doing it and I hate that I had to do it. But a comfort to me was knowing he is at rest now and not in pain or suffering AND I gave him the best life I could have possibly given him.

I love Samson so much and miss him dearly. I have Gordon left, and Luke and Cole (my Border Collies).

Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday's Fave Fives


Happy Friday!! I am so, so, SO glad it's finally the weekend. Been a long week but not a bad one. Here are my favorite fives!!

Awesome weekend with my husband
Last weekend was so nice; the weather was beautiful and Joe and I did a lot of work outside and in! Cleaned off the back (enclosed) porch so we can sit on the loveseat; put the porch swing up; cleaned the dog poop off the lawn (not so pleasant, ha ha). We enjoyed the sunshine and eachother's company!

Blessing from God
On Sunday, my husband and I were fretting because we needed another full-time daycare child as soon as possible due to one parent giving her notice, as she got her family member to watch her kids so she could save money. I went out on my back deck for about 20 minutes and prayed. I wasn't about to let worry overcome me. Well, when I came inside, I saw I had a “missed call” on my phone. It was a mother needing daycare for her son ASAP due to her sitter quitting suddenly! We started watching him the very next day. God is SO awesome!

My husband and I went to BJ's this week for the first time. We ended up getting a membership since they had a discount on that at the time. We were careful (because you can go crazy in there) but we got some great deals for great prices!! We stocked up on things we have needed so we won't have to go to Walmart or the grocery store as often.

Visit from Friend
My friend Hope stopped up this week to visit during the day. I love when she visits, espeically during the day while the kids nap; it breaks up the day for me!

This Weekend!
I am SO thankful it's Friday....tonight I am having dinner with my grandmother (going to Denny's, our favorite “hang out spot”). Tomorrow night going to a high school musical, “Sound of Music” with my grandma, stepdaughter and friend, Hope. Sunday going to a Pampered Chef party!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Don't forget to count your blessings!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Fridays Five Faves

Happy almost Spring!!  And TGIF for sure.  This week and last week were really tough.  Last week I didn't write any "faves" because I was mourning the loss of my dear, dear cat Samson.  Sam was 11 years old; I had him for 9 years.  He had become very sick and finally, last Wednesday (March 7th), I had to let him go.  My husband and my mother took him to the vet to be put down.  I held onto him for almost 2 hours before they took him; he lay across my chest and peacefully slept as I held him and told him goodbye.  My heart was broken.  So by Friday, I found no favorites in that week.  This week wasn't so great but a dear friend encouraged me to write my faves anyway, telling me that surely even in a rough week I could find some faves.  So here they are.

1.  Memories of Sam
Another dear friend encouraged me to write a blog post about Sam and happy memories.  That will be coming soon, but as I'm writing it I am happy to remember my cat and how spoiled and wonderful he was.  A comfort to me, a friend, and oh-so-faithful!  I thought on these memories this week and though I miss him, I am glad I had the chance to love him.
Samson at age 9

2.  Out with Friends
One evening this week, I met some friends at Denny's.  I indulged in a sampler platter, soda (which I don't often drink) and a delicious caramel apple crisp over vanilla ice cream....YUM.  After Denny's, my best friend followed me home and we sat around the table and chat with my husband.   I love my friends!

3.  Nice Weather
It's been beautiful here (except 2 days of rain) and I have been taking my daycare kids outside to blow bubbles, draw with chalk on the driveway, and let them run around like maniacs to help get their energy out!

4.  False Alarm
This morning got a call from my mother-in-law who saw on the news that R.I.T. College was on "lockdown" (my stepson attends there) because someone spotted a man with a gun.  I text and emailed (and Facebooked) every person I know who prays to pray for the safety of that campus.  An hour later, it was announced that there was no gun, just a man holding an umbrella which was mistook for a rifle due to the end having a Samarai head carved on it.  PHEW.

5.  Friday Night
Bible study night!  My best friend is cooking dinner for us, as the study is at her house this week, and we're going to watch a dvd of Tim Hawkins who is a Christian comedian.  I always look forward to time with Hope and Donny and I need a good laugh (though Hope and I often find things to laugh at anyway).

Have a great weekend everyone!!