Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Blueberry Picking

I have never been blueberry picking....ever! So today I decided to not only journey out for the first time berry picking and took two 4-year-olds with me (daycare kids). My husband stayed home with the smalls because there was no way I was chasing two 1-year-olds around the berry patch!!

The blueberry picking fields (or whatever you call them) were beautiful. Rows and rows upon rows of round, juicy blueberries! I could have done without the obnoxious bird noises, which one of the kids told me was a recording coming through speakers to keep real birds away (??).

Our picking adventure was uneventful for the most part. We had an incident where one of the boys started off in a run and somehow his pail went flying which caused all of his blueberries to scatter everywhere. The look on his face was priceless and we all laughed and resumed picking.

My other 4 yr old had to show me every “big” berry he picked...EVERY big berry! Oh, and he dubbed himself “blueberry king” since he picked the most and the largest. That brought on a nice little competition.

After nearly an hour of picking fun, we headed back to the front to pay. On our way down the path, I nearly lost my footing, almost causing all of MY berries to go flying. PHEW.....I saved them.

After berry picking we picked up Burger King for lunch (yes, nutritious right?) and brought lunch home for the smalls as well. After lunch we made blueberry muffins from scratch and then the boys drew pictures of “what we did today”.

Very fun day but I have one word....NAPTIME?????????