Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cats n Dogs

I am an animal lover. I love cats, dogs, horses, and more! I always wanted to live in the country and have several animals, but I am settling for a house in town with a fenced in yard and a basement where I can keep the cat litter.

I started out with one cat. His name was Samson. I had Sam for 9 years and he was 11 years old when he passed away. I miss him terribly; he cannot be replaced.


Gordon came after Samson; we found Gordon up in the country as a stray that someone must have dropped off at my grandparents' house which was on an old farm. He was thin and friendly and we took him home and fed him and loved him. Little did we know he was bi-polar (my diagnosis). He can be very loving and he can be very mean. I don't think he intentionally is mean, he is just kind of a kitty psycho! But...we love him anyway. My step-children name him Gordon after the NASCAR racer Jeff Gordon [eyes rolling] and I left that one alone seeing how my step-daughter originally wanted to name him FLUFFY!!! We love Gordon; he is half mancoon and definitely has a distinct personality!


Later on, we got Luke, our Border Collie. He was 6 weeks old when we brought him home to surprise my step-children 2 days before Christmas. We fell in love, and spoiled him....rotten! I love my boy but he is definitely a “momma's boy”, lol. Luke is almost 4 years old. He is a seizure dog but doesn't get them too often and they don't last long when one hits. I love this dog so much; his silly antics, his intelligence, his personality.


When Luke was 3, we took in Cole, a 1-1/2 year old (at that time) Border Collie who was in desperate need of a loving home, as his entire life up til then had been spent in a crate; eating and sleeping. We heard he was abused as well (as if the 16-20 hours per day he was crated wasn't abuse enough!) but he is the most loveable dog I know! He listens very well and is so eager to please. He is a “daddy's boy” for sure. He looks to my hubsand for everything, unlike Luke who does his own thing when he wants to.


So those are my “babies” in a nutshell.

Oh. Wait! I'm sorry, I am not finished. There's more. Yes, yes, more.

My husband and I recently were taking a walk on the trail along the canal and I spotted an orange, male cat – very friendly! He was purring and ran right up to me; even let me pick him up! We walked the trail and when we got back to the parking lot and he was still there. In fact, he ran right up to me. I knocked on the door of MOVAC (ambluence center) which was next to parking lot, and the guy said this cat was dropped off 3-4 days ago and has been hanging around. Well. You can imagine what I did. I scooped him up and took him home! He warmed up immediately, gives no attention to the dogs, and loves to play. Him and Gordon get along well; I remind Gordon that HE was once a stray when we brought him home and he needs to be nice. We didn't intend on keeping him, but....well, that's how it goes.


Losing Samson was a huge blow to me. I loved that cat. I still do. No cat can ever, ever take Sam's place. But this orange male needed a home and I have all the love to give. We named him Simba.

I love my life; I love my pets and my family. I love my daycare and my home. I am blessed.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Things You Should Not Do on a Treadmill...while in use

1.  Read or type a text message

2.  Lean over to adjust your knee brace

3.  Close your eyes...without holding on

4.  Turn to talk to your dog (as he may try to get up on treadmill with you)