Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday's Favorite Fives

It's been awhile since I have done my five faves. I got into a “rut” so to speak, and wasn't doing much writing at all. I'm back into it so here goes. These are my faves from this week!!

Doctor's Appointment
Though the appointment itself wasn't my “fave” because of the socially-challenged doctor (see previous blog post), I was glad to have the appointment because I was referred to a Pulmonary specialist so I'm on the road to finding out what is wrong with me (er, physically – lol)

Piano Lessons
I have three students now! I'm not a “professional” but I took five years of lessons when I was younger and it feels good to be able to teach these girls who are about the age I was when I started. I look forward to lessons each week to teach new things and hear how my students have progressed.

Jane Eyre
I love this book!! I read it a couple of years ago, and saw the black and white movie, but I wanted to re-read this classic. I am more than halfway through and most nights have trouble putting it down but my eyes fail to stay open any longer so I must put it down. I find it sad how Jane was treated because she was an orphan and was “plain”. She trudged through life, however, and didn't have a terrible attitude about it. Good for her!

Christmas Decorations
We put up some lights, decorations and our tree this week. I love Christmas lights; so cozy! We decorated the tree with my stepdaughter and had some laughs, especially when I tried to have a nice picture taken of me and my two Border Collies in front of the tree. Heh, this is all I got.

The Weekend!
Definitely a fave for me this week. The week seemed long and had some rough patches, but the weekend is finally here and tonight my husband and I are going to light a fire in the wood stove and watch a movie and then I am going to look forward to sleeping in tomorrow!!

Have a great weekend, everyone!!
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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Mouse is About

A mouse is about, I can hear him scurry

The cats don't take notice, I wish they would hurry

The mouse runs about, scurrying to and fro

The cats don't take notice, too bad they don't know

Useless cats, asleep they are

I think I'll toss them out afar

What will I do with this mouse of mine

Perhaps I'll keep him, that would be fine

I'll make him a home in the Christmas tree

He'll love it there, I'm sure, you'll see
Running across branches, looking at lights

He'll be in comfort, a sure delight

A mouse is about and I'll let him stay

Surely it is the only way


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

No Sense of Humor

My visit to a doctor this week was....not quite pleasant. The doctor (whose name I will not mention) was a, donkey (if ya know what I mean). His “bedside manner”, so to speak, was less than desirable. He never cracked a smile and glared at me more often than not. He didn't seem to be taking my symptoms seriously and often gave - or suppressed (I am sure) - an eye roll.

First I sat there while he went over my medical history. I found it amusing (and a bit annoying) that certain things were missing from my history (certain medical testing) but he seemed to rush through that much for that.

Then, he asked me questions. I tried to be humorous because his stoic manner was causing me to be quite uncomfortable.

Doc: “History of mental illness?”
Me: [giggles] “Heh, well that's to be determined”
No response. Just a glare.
Me: [ahem] “No, not that I know of”

Doc: “Do you smoke?”
Me: “Nope”
Doc: “Drugs?”
Me: “Nope” (um and if I did do drugs would I be admitting that to someone???)
Doc: “Alcohol?”
Me: “Heh, I love me some wine!”
No response. Just a glare.
Me: [ahem] “Um, sure, a little”

Well so much for making light of being there with Mr. Frowns-a-Lot. The appointment ended soon after, me being referred to a specialist (heh, Pulmonary, not mental). I seemed to be an annoyance to the doctor so I fled that place as soon as I could!!

Honestly I wasn't trying to give the doc a hard time but he was so serious and since he walked into the room it seemed I was a bother to him. He was annoyed when I asked questions about my symptoms and rushed  me through the visit. Maybe because I was his last appointment? Who knows.