Saturday, May 25, 2013

Grocery Shopping

 photo from google images

I just want to say that my grocery shopping experiences are normally either hilarious or miserable. I find most people in public to be unhappy, miserable, rude jerks. That's putting it nicely.  Sometimes I like to take my time shopping, walking leisurely up and down isles.  Most of the time I find myself hurrying through the store to get away from the chaos (especially when there are screaming children involved).

One day while in Hannaford, I smiled at nearly everyone who made eye contact with me....only one person smiled back and that is because I knew her. SMILE people, it won't kill ya! Or here's another option...don't look at me. Like, look at me and look away, don't actually make eye contact and stare because I WILL smile at you and I will feel ticked off if you are staring at me and don't smile back!

Today's grocery store experience consisted of walking behind people only to have them stop because they aren't sure where they want to go next...which would be fine if they weren't walking in the middle of the isle; an old lady at the deli counter peering into my cart to see what I had in there; and a man who was pushing a cart - who saw me struggling with my heavy basket - cuts in front of me to make it to the checkout counter first then blatantly does not leave room for me to start putting my stuff down and MY BASKET WAS HEAVY. This shopping trip was slightly humorous, slightly maddening.

And I won't even get into Walmart shopping trips which, by the way, I have been avoiding like the plague ever since Christmas time!

So people, when you go grocery shopping, please remember to do the following:
  1. Walk down the isle to the right, leaving plenty of room for a passerby

  2. Do NOT stop in the middle of the isle to talk to someone you know but if you do, please MOVE when someone is trying to get by

  3. Watch for struggling people and don't cut in front of them, be courteous

  4. Smile at other people, lest your face turn permanently miserable

  5. Mind your own business, my cart contents are none of yours
Thank you and have a nice day!