Thursday, September 19, 2013

Kiss my WHAT????

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I hate grits

I tried grits for the first time ever when I was 25 and Gram and I were in a small diner in VA on our way to TN.  We were sitting at a booth near the counter and the waitress loudly proclaimed "You've never had grits?  You'll love 'em!" naturally all the guys (old redneck southerners ha ha) at the counter turned and everyone quietly watched as I took my first bite.

They were disgusting.

I coated them with sugar and butter but they were disgusting.  I think everyone was waiting for me to say "OH YUM these are the best grits I've ever tasted I LOVE GRITS" and then everyone would clap like in a movie or something.  I, instead, announced that I hated grits and would never eat them in my life and WHY would anyone want to eat them?

Everyone turned away quietly and continued on with their breakfast.  Gram finished my grits.  Gross.

So my questions are:

1.  Have YOU ever tried grits?
2.  Do you LIKE grits?
3.  Why are they CALLED grits?
4.  Where did the saying "kiss my grits" come from??

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Have You Ever.....................

Ran around outside in the rain......just because

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Fallen in the toilet (as a child or adult)

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Fallen out of an adult (sober)

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Put wet clothes in the dryer then walk away, forgetting to push the “start” button

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Fallen UP the stairs

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Apologized to your pet for stepping on their tail or tripping over them

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....and the ultimate...............................

Burned something on stove or in oven because you're distracted by Facebook!!!!

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