Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick or Treat, Smell My..........What???


~ My mother dressed me in a chicken costume when I was 1 or 2 years old. I don't remember that but I do have the picture to prove how miserable I was.

~ One year my mom dressed me as a banana – WHY? - and according to my grandmother I cried and fussed and refused to go out trick-or-treating. They put me to bed instead. Seriously do you blame me??

~ Loved the masks we used to wear that had a small slit for the mouth; didn't we all put our tongues through that slit?

~ Every year as a child, my sister and I would go trick-or-treating with our mother and our neighbor friends and their father. We would walk around East Herkimer for hours and always got a lot of loot.

~ As a teenager, I went with 2 of my close friends trick-or-treating (we dressed as little kids) and did ok with getting loot which was surprising since we looked too old to be trick-or-treating (ha ha we were too old).  Yeah, we were those kind of punks.

~ When my husband and I lived in Ilion, we passed out candy one year and had a blast. We had a ton of trick-or-treaters. In fact, at one point in the night I ran out of candy so I scoured the house (including my step kids' rooms – heeehee!) for more because we didn't want to stop passing it out. Not sure why but my husband (at one point) pulled his fleece over his head so I took a broom and pretended that I lopped his head off. Heehee good times.

 I don't hand out candy anymore because we don't get a lot of trick-or-treaters where we live but I enjoy shutting the lights off, having a cup of coffee (or in tonight's case hot chocolate), eating something naughty and watching the Charlie Brown Halloween special!


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Little Bit of This and That

A beautiful, sunny day tarnished by a doctor's appointment. An OBGYN appointment to boot. I don't think there is a woman out there who enjoys those appointments. Alas, it had to be done so I left the house determined to have a good afternoon, despite my destination.

Before I even was able to get out of the town of Herkimer, the following occurred:

~My contact lens popped out of my eye and I had no extras in my purse, therefore I had to turn around and stop home to grab a new one.

~The coffee I bought at Dunkin' Donuts had way too much sugar in it and I nearly spilled it all over myself because the girl filled it to the tip-top.

~I passed a guy wearing a shirt that said “D*mn I'm good”, yeah if you need to announce it then chances are you aren't that good. Just sayin'.

Finally reached my destination. Amusement occurred as I was registering at the front desk when an elderly man walked by yelling about a chair and the F-bomb definitely dropped from his mouth.....twice.

I sat in the waiting room and noticed several people sitting there tapping on their touch-screen phones, probably iPhones or Smartphones, and I'm all like “Here I am with my simple, old text messaging phone”. I spotted a woman reading a novel and was irritated that she was dog-earring the and severely so, not just a little dog-ear. This was half-the-page dog-eared. Don't people know how to treat books????

I thought I was at the height of my amusement and annoyance for the day but my new doctor and his staff proved me wrong....for the amusement part. I never had so much fun at a doctor's office in my life! We joked, we laughed, we talked about wine and many other things.

So when I said at the beginning of this post, “ I don't think there is a woman out there who enjoys those appointments”, I now mean “I really will look forward to these appointments in the future!”

Thursday, October 10, 2013

What's Burning Now?

As my family and friends know, I am not a very good cook for the main reason that I don't CARE and I tend to get distracted.....the result being something burned.

I love to bake and am pretty good at it. I even make peanut butter, oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies from scratch!! But sometimes I forget that something is baking and will burn a batch of cookies or the edge of the brownies or pie crust.

Well today the tables have TURNED.

I left my husband in charge of watching the cookies while I ran to the store for bread. I knew I could count on him to make sure the cookies came out of the oven in time. When I returned from the store, however, the house stunk and I knew cookies had been burned.

My husband looked at me sheepishly saying “I got distracted.”

HA! You know what he was distracted by? A kids' show that I had put on for the daycare kids before leaving.

Who is the cookie burner NOW????

Monday, October 7, 2013

Ants in My Pants

When I was younger (maybe early teens?) I went blackberry picking with my grandmother in the small field across the road from where my grandparents live.  The bushes were really close together and there were a lot of them in one area.  I loved picking blackberries with my grandmother but we didn't do it often so this particular day was a treat.

The sun was shining, the berries were plump and ripe, and our buckets were filling.

Then I felt something crawling.  I looked down and saw a black ant on my body so I swatted it off of myself.  Resumed berry picking then another ant...then another and another and then...

I looked down and I was COVERED in ants!!!!!!!!

I dropped my bucket and ran down the little ditch, across the road and jumped into gram's pool with my clothes on...screaming the entire time.

While in the pool, I stripped down to my - ahem - undergarments if you will.

Once I was sure the ants were off of me, I grabbed my clothes and made a beeline for the house to get dressed before anyone saw, almost naked.

I hate ants.