Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving for Two

Twas the night before Thanksgiving and someone was sly; I caught my Border Collie eating the pie!!!!!!!

Yes, Cole struck again. He is only 3, just a puppy mind you. I left a pumpkin pie sitting on the counter while the oven was pre-heating. When the oven was ready, I found one third of the pie missing and a very guilty looking puppy sitting by the counter, wagging his tail.

Hey, if you can't laugh in life then what do you have that's good? Really, I mean it's not the end of the world, I bought a ready-made crust and all I had to do was mix together a can of pumpkin glop with evaporated milk and an egg, dump it in the shell and call it a pie. So it wasn't the end of the world when that pie was ruined.

Off I went to the store, heavy snow falling, to buy a pie. $9.99 for a large pumpkin pie. It wasn't homemade (ahem, like grandma's homemade) but it was quite good.

My husband and I had Thanksgiving dinner alone this year. Well, if you can call “alone” eating with two dogs lying near your feet glancing up at you in hopes that something will fall from the table.

It's sad but it's just the facts of life; people die or move away and unless you have a huge family, you're going to be left alone or nearly alone some day. My mom and grandmother decided to go out to dinner with my aunt who lives a little over an hour away. Joe and I opted not to spend the money to go out to eat but rather save the money for Christmas. We had no other invitations for dinner so we decided to make a small dinner at home for ourselves.

I bought a small turkey (12 lbs) and a few “fixins'” and we made a nice meal. It was a simple meal of turkey, homemade gravy, bread made from scratch (my husband's doing of course), green bean casserole and (Stove Top) stuffing. Ah yes, and my husband found a can of cranberry sauce {gag} in the cupboard.

After dinner and clean-up, we rested and enjoyed our day off from work and later my mother stopped over to have dessert and coffee with us.

I grew up having large holiday dinners so I will admit I was a little lonely at first, but I can honestly say that I enjoyed today with my husband and our special little meal.

I am very thankful for the freedom we still have in this country to get together with friends and family, to buy and sell, to go to church and publicly worship God. I am thankful for my salvation and God who always looks after me and never leaves me. I am thankful for my family, those who are both near and far, especially my mother and grandmother who live close by. I am thankful for friends. I am thankful for my husband who has always been there for me, always been supportive of the things I want to do, and who loves me.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

I See Dead People

While living at my mom's apartment from 9th grade til my 20's, I discovered “something” there which can only be explained as a ghost. I call him Henry because it's less scary to name a ghost than to pretend he isn't there.

I do believe in spirits, good and bad. I also believe, despite what horror movies portray, that spirits (“ghosts” if you will) cannot hurt you. God is in control of everything and anything that roams on the earth (or out of the earth) and that includes the spirits. I do believe there are evil spirits lurking about but I also believe in good spirits, maybe angels or even guardian angels.

At one point while living at that apartment, I had the middle bedroom. The bathroom was across the hall from the bedroom and when I came out of the room, if I looked to the left, I could see down past the dining room and into the living room. Out of habit, every night when I woke to go to the bathroom, I always looked to the left while coming out of my bedroom door. I have no idea why, I just did.

One night when I happened to look over, I saw a dark silhouette of a man standing behind the couch in the living room (the couch sat in front of a large window but it appeared that the man was inside, not behind the window). I just stood there in shock. He didn't move, I didn't move. I finally came to my senses and bolted to the bathroom (though I think I had already peed my pants). After that night, I never looked anywhere but straight across the hall to my destination.

I believe my mother had a few “encounters” in that apartment and on occasion things would go missing or some silly thing would occur so mom and I joked saying it was Henry. When I was married and lived in a house in Ilion, there were also “sightings” and happenings and I would joke saying Henry followed me.

Henry never touched me, never harmed me or my friends/family, he was always just there. I always thought if I had a guardian angel or some such thing that it would be a lighter appearance, not a dark silhouette. Not sure why Henry stuck around or even followed me.

In my current house, there have been no sightings or mishaps so I do believe Henry resides somewhere else. And for that, I am thankful!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Can You Say......Psycho??

 imagae from

This is a fun memory.

I was in my early 20's and living with my mom in an apartment.  My bedroom was right off of the kitchen, my mom's bedroom was down the hall.

One night I woke up to screaming....I could have sworn it was my mother's scream.  I froze in bed, not knowing what was going on.  I wanted to hide under the covers (as if that would protect me from a murderer) but I worried about my mom so I threw caution to the wind and climbed out of bed.  I crept out of my bedroom, wondering what I could use for a weapon.  The apartment was silent.  Right outside my bedroom door was the kitchen counter and on the counter was a block with several sharp knives.  I grabbed the largest, a butcher knife, and tiptoed to my mother's bedroom (careful not to look down the hall into the living room as that is where my "ghost" liked to hang out at night but that is for another blog post).

I slowly opened the door to my mother's room.  All was silent.  I feared she was dead but where was the murderer?  I crept into her room and said "Mom?".  Silence.  Slowly making my way to her bed, knife raised high just in case, I said (again) "Mom?".  I flipped on the light, standing over her with knife held high, and my mom's eyes opened and became very wide.  "Melly?" she asked, with a tiny bit of confusion to her voice.  I replied "Mom, are you ok?" which she replied "Yessssssss....what are you doing?"

Well then I told her what I was doing and she insisted everything was ok and that she hadn't screamed.  She could have yelled out from a nightmare or the woman who lived in the 1st floor apartment below us could have screamed.  Either way, mom and I were safe.  My knife and I went back to bed.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Luke

Today is my dog, Luke's, 5th birthday.  He is my "fur baby" and is spoiled rotten.

My husband and I always wanted a dog but didn't really plan ahead for Luke.  We heard from a friend that someone was selling pure bred Border Collies for $50.00 because their home was being forclosed and they had to get rid of them fast.  So, about a week before Christmas, Joe and I braved a snow storm to pick out a puppy.  At the house, the kids held up 3 puppies; my husband pointed to Luke at the same time I pointed to another and at the same time said "That one".  I gave in to Luke because I thought "man's best friend".  HA, more like "mamma's boy".  He was 6 weeks old.

At first, Luke slept a lot.  He would play for short time but very easily became tired and we anxiously waited for him to wake up because we wanted to play with our new puppy.  Everyone loved Luke, even my mother who didn't meet him until New Year's Eve as she was out of state when we got him.

As the months went on, Luke's energy stayed with him longer and naps were shorter.  The vet insisted he'd calm down after he was fixed.  He did not.

Luke's favorite things to do are taking walks (he loves hiking on the nature trail), playing frisbee and chasing his brother, Cole (age 3) around the tree in our yard.

We adopted Cole when he (Cole) was 1-1/2 and him and Luke became best buds.

Now my boy is 5 and no signs of slowing down but I'm glad.  I don't want him to get old.