Saturday, January 11, 2014

Fun Day Out!

My stepdaughter, Amber, and I had a "girls day" today.  Our plan was drive to Utica and get lunch then do some shopping.  The weather was horrible!  Cold (even though it was 41) and rainy.....raining very hard in fact.  But we had a good time, nonetheless.

First, we almost got into an accident because some moron driving a red car going about 45 miles and hour (in a 30 mph zone) ran a red light just as I was going through the green light.  I just moved my foot to push on the brake when the car zoomed by, swerving in front of us.  It's a miracle he didn't hit us.  I'm still trying to figure out how no one got into an accident.

I prayed for safety before we left the house and God was certainly looking out for us!!

We went to Ollie's next, which is a huge bargain outlet.  After Ollie's we went to eat lunch at the East Dynasty Buffet which is Chinese food but also American food.  We stuffed ourselves silly with Chinese food (sorry, I don't go to a Chinese restaurant and get anything but Chinese).  The lunch would have been pleasant had it not been for the family sitting in the booth next to us.  There was a married couple and their two young daughters (youngest was age 5, I overheard her father say her age, and the other had to be around 7).  The mother needed a good slap upside her head with a 2x4.  No joke.  She spoke so horribly to her daughters I couldn't stand it.  I thought of chucking my General Tso's chicken at her but didn't think that would go over so well.

Finally, we got the bill and our fortune cookies (mine said I will be doing something daring this week or some nonsense) and headed out to shop.

All in all, our day was pretty fun despite getting soaked by the rain (no, we didn't wear jackets, my mother would be APPALLED) and we ended up getting SUPER cute sheep pajama bottoms with matching really, we each got a set so we could be "twins".

 Amber and I, in our matching jammies!!