Monday, February 17, 2014

PT Blunders

If you can't laugh at yourself in life...well, then you should be a hermit because though we all get embarrassed at times - and even mortified - we should be able to end the day with ourselves.  Here are some things that have happened during physical therapy sessions (or after) that I can laugh

~ I found it's better for someone with IBS not to eat a grilled cheese sandwich prior to PT. Though I didn't actually, um, “toot” (for lack of a better word...though I do like FART), my stomach was talking back throughout the session. I felt mortified at the fact that at any minute, when my therapist stretched me a certain way, a “toot” would, in fact, slip out!

~ While watching the news during a session, I announced that Tom Brokaw looked pretty good for his age and I had thought he was about 70 by now and retired. Both therapists looked at me like I had two heads and one informed me that the man I was referring to was not Tom Brokaw and that he was retired. Heh, oops!!

~ Then there is the ever awkward moment when you get home from PT and find out that you had worn your shirt backwards!

Those are my PT blunders. I'm sure there will be more in the future because...well, because it's me! Stay tuned!