Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fridays Five Faves (a day late)

Posting a day late but better late than never!!

The last two weeks have been rough. I don't get a lot of sleep due to my hip/back/neck issues as well as restless leg syndrome (um, and my crazy fat cat) so I've been running on empty. Then a friend of mine passed away from long-suffering with cancer; another friend's father passed away; and my piano student's 3-week-old baby brother passed away. And on top of that, I've been praying fervently for the Christians who are being beheaded in Iraq. But I've found blessings in these days; Bible verses that my friends posted, church service, and comfort in friends and family. I know that God is bigger than anything we'll ever face on earth and as long as we keep our eyes fixed on Him, we can get through even the worst of times.

My most faves in the last week are as follows:

Blog Posts
I did some blog reading the other day and found two posts that really touched me; posts I needed to read, like God sent me to them for an encouraging Word. Step over to Gold in the Clouds, "Still Praise" and Outnumbered Mom "Too Much to Carry" to be blessed!

New Piano Student
Daycare kids come and go, as well as piano students. Last month I “let go” a piano student who had been a no-show two weeks in a row without letting me know she wouldn't be there; and she didn't like to practice because she wanted to play outside instead. So I was down a student. This week I got another, now I am full!! I am discovering that if I am patient and wait on God, He brings just what I need in just the right timing.

Getting in Touch
And speaking of piano, I found my former piano teacher on Facebook and we became Facebook friends and are now in touch again. She taught me when I was around 11and I took lessons for 4-5 years. She is an awesome teacher and woman and I think she will be a great mentor for me as I teach my own students!

Cooler Weather
Yes, I love the cooler weather. Fall is my favorite season and I don't mind Winter either. Cozy cool days to curl up with a fire in the wood stove, under a blanket with a good book and cup of coffee; evenings with wine and a good movie. See ya later, summer. Bring on the cold weather!!

Three Day Weekend
I so need this. I plan on sleeping later this weekend to try to catch up. I also plan on getting stuff done around the house, working on cross-stitch and sewing projects, and hanging with my husband.  Last night my grandmother and I ate burgers and fries at the Ilion Marina; we sat by the water and enjoyed a fun evening together.  Today my husband and I went to Cooperstown for the afternoon!!

I hope all my friends have a great weekend! Link up to Susan's site and tell us your own faves!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Our Getaway

My husband and I recently took a much-needed mini-vacation in Lake George.

We stayed at a cute motel called Lake Haven, which sat at the edge of the village in walking distance to all the shops and restaurants. The king sized bed was glorious (I love motel/hotel beds!!) and the best part cats to wake me up in the middle of the night or early morning!!!!

After breakfast on Saturday morning, we walked the block down the road between the restaurant and our motel and there was a small beach. It was beautiful.

Joe and I did a lot of walking on this short trip, but we also did a lot of eating. We paid $8.00 per alcoholic drink and $2.75 for a small ice cream cone but it was all worth it.

On Saturday we met up with friends (my BFF and her husband) and their 2 daughters for lunch. After lunch, my BFF and I took the “haunted tour” at Dr. Morbid's Haunted House. We should have chosen the Frankenstein Wax Museum instead. Dr. Morbid's was only scary when the lights were out and things screamed at you. Otherwise it was pretty silly. I did scream a few times and my husband heard my screams from outside of the building, but I think we laughed more than we screamed.

After our “scary” tour, we took a ride on an outdoor carasoul with my BFF's daughters. My sandal slipped off during the ride (not sure how that happened) and we tried taking a selfie which is stupidly difficult when your horse is going up and down. The best part was all the laughs.

The rest of our weekend consisted of Strawberry Daquiris and Pina Coladas on a restaurant deck overlooking the lake, great food and lots of shops.

And.......I noticed that out of the entire weekend, my husband and I never got a photo together by the lake!!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday's Favorite Fives

Happy Friday!!  This week was hectic as I had a lot of errands to run and house cleaning/organizing to do BUT I'm relieved that Friday finally arrived.  I hope everyone had a great week.  Tell me your faves for the week and link up at Susan's site 

Special Delivery
Once in awhile, it's nice to get something different in the mail, besides junk mail and bills. This week I received a package from my best friend in California. Inside were several special goodies (edible and non-edible) including Girl Scout Cookies! A sweet gesture from your best friend really makes for a great week!

I tried Nutella for the first time ever this week (yes, the first time ever). My husband tried it as well. It was sooooooooooooooooooo awesome. I'm not sure what to put it on but so far I've scooped with a spoon and have eaten it out of the jar.

Daycare Blessings
My daycare numbers are increasing and I am one full time child away from being full. I'm very happy with the kids that I have and their parents are great. I feel very blessed.

I had a dream this week. I was standing in a crowded room and I was staring at the back of a man who looked familiar though I couldn't see his face. In slow motion, he turned to face me and stared at me with striking eyes. In recognition, I held out my arms and he walked over to me and we hugged for a very long time, and then I woke up.

The man in my dream was my uncle who passed away in a very tragic event several months ago. We had been very close at one point and then, because of a misunderstanding, he stopped talking to me for a very long time. And then he died.

I believe this dream was from God; perhaps telling me that my uncle is in better Hands, or maybe telling me that my uncle had forgiven me for whatever I did to cause him to stop talking to me. Whatever the reason, I am thankful. Seeing him gave me peace.

Time Away
My husband and I had our 9 year anniversary on July 30th and we're celebrating a little late due to business of the summer. We'll be heading to one of our favorite vacation spots, Lake George! I don't even care if the weather is cooler this weekend, I look forward to getting away (and hopefully a good night sleep without my CATS!!).

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Do You Remember.......

Have you ever heard of The Baby-Sitter's Club books by Ann M. Martin? There are over 100 Baby-Sitter's Club books but I only read to number 80-something. This series (which can be read in no particular order) is about a group of young girls who love kids and love to babysit, so they decide to start a club. The Baby-Sitter's Club, to be exact. They have all sorts of adventures, mishaps, romances (well, about as romantic as one can get at age 12 or13), fights, and more. The books captured my attention and my nose was always in one. In fact, I believe I've read the books that I own two or three times as a kid!

I began reading the books in the 1980's and by age 12 I was babysitting. I tried to incorporate fun things while babysitting that I learned from reading these books. I think that all young girls who like kids and babysitting should read these books. In fact, I'd love to pick up where I left off and finish the entire set, and I'm 36 years old!

The author also went on to write Baby-Sitters Little Sister books which my best friend, way back when, read while I read The Baby-Sitter's Club. I read some of the Little Sister books as well. At one point, some videos came out based on this series and I took some out of the library when I was young and watched them; they were like short episode shows based on the books.

I found out that Baby-Sitter's Club dolls were made to sell; the sitters and the kids. Boy I wish that came out when I was younger. But! I owned the Baby-Sitter's Club game, Baby-Sitter's Club post card book, and a Baby-Sitter's Club planner!!

And..........I wrote a Baby-Sitter's Club story, just for fun!

So, if you're looking for books for your tween/teen to read, try The Baby-Sitter's Club!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Must Read!

#1 The Walk
#2 Miles to Go
#3 The Road to Grace
#4 A Step of Faith
#5 Walking on Water

The Walk series, written by Richard Paul Evans, is one of my favorite series of books. I recently finished #5 and I cried at the end because it was the end of a man's journey. I won't give it away in case you want to read these books....and I hope you do.

The books are written in diary format. The story begins with a man who has everything he could ever want.  And then he loses it all.

He declines his father's offer to move in with him for awhile. He was never close to his father, but they got along well enough. He feels he has nothing left in this world.

What else is he to do?  He walks.

His journey holds adventure, chance meetings, interesting places and conversations, and more. I highly recommend this series and it's easy reading; you won't want to put each book down!!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday's Fave Five

How about joining in with us by linking up over at Susanne's or leaving a comment below, and share FIVE of your favorite things from the past week.

I've had some blessings this week, mostly God showing me how to focus on Him when I am in pain with my hip/back/neck (yes, I have a lot of issues). My biggest blessing this week was July 30th, my 9 year wedding anniversary. My favorites focus around this anniversary. 

Five blessings that came from 9 years of marriage are:

More Mature Me: I wasn't very good at relationships in the past and never really thought I would settle down, though I wanted to. Being married has shown me that relationships need to be taken seriously and when you commit, you commit. For better or for worse! You can't run from them and you can't brush issues under the rug or all you'll be doing is carrying those issues into another relationship.

Children: I've never had children of my own but when I married Joe, he had a 7 year old daughter and a 12 year old son. His children lived with their mother but we shared custody and they have been a blessing to me as I learned patience, forgiveness and grace through them.

Companion: I know if the Lord called Joe home before me, I would survive. Lets face it, we all would. We don't need someone but it's nice to have someone. I love having someone to go with to get coffee or take a walk or just hang out with at home and talk. I would be quite lonely without my husband.

Learning: I've learned a lot in 9 years of marriage. I've learned how to share....everything. I've learned patience and most of all trust. And I'm still learning. Marriage isn't always easy, it's not always (or usually) some fairy tale like books portray it to be. It's work, it's commitment and it's patience.

Love: I truly learned what love really is.

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. (1 Corinthians 13:4-8)

So, through the blessings I've had this week, my marriage is the #1 blessing. I look forward to many more years with my husband!!