Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

I just love the winter holidays; Christmas and New Year's!

Christmas came and went, as it always does. The weeks leading up to Christmas are filled with shopping, baking, plan-making, wrapping, and – of course – a bit of stress. I think the stress part is more the last-minute shopping, wrapping and baking but a big part is plan-making. Trying to gather with family or friends for the holidays can be hectic, especially when people have different schedules. But we managed just fine, as we always do.  

The dogs had fun while we opened gifts!!

We got a real tree this year instead of a fake tree. We usually alternate but it's been 3 years since we've had a real tree, mostly because we've been afraid our dog, Cole, would pee on it. But there was no tree-peeing and it was a big, full, out-of-control tree that we loved.
My sister, who had recently moved to Ohio, surprised the family with a short visit. We met her boyfriend whom we think is a great guy. Though her trip was short, it was a great Christmas gift.

New Year's Eve, of course, was next. We don't go out but usually get together with my mom and grandmother for a little while. This year, my mom had a bad head cold so she dropped grandma off at our house and went home to rest. My cousin stopped over as well, and we had pizza, wings, chips and dip. And don't forget the wine! We had a lot of laughs around the table, especially while the 4 of us completed the local telegram puzzle. That reminded me of when my grandpa was alive and we would work on the puzzle together. After they left, Joe and I put Lord of the Rings on and chilled. I didn't even make it to 11pm. Hey, that was 2 hours later than normal bedtime!

Today my daycare is closed and I was able to sleep in and relax. We took the dogs for a nice long hike in the woods and now I'm settled in to do some writing.

I have several goals for the new year which includes taking 2 online classes, finishing a novel I am currently writing, and self-publishing a childrens' book that was completed last year.

I wish everyone a very happy and prosperous new year!! What are some of your hopes or goals?
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