Sunday, May 31, 2015

Good Times

My husband and I took my stepdaughter, Amber, and her boyfriend William to Lake George yesterday. We've made it tradition to take Amber and a friend to Lake George every year for her birthday. We had a great time and the weather was gorgeous, for the most part (it did thunder and rain a few times on and off).

When we first arrived, we decided to go on the boat tour on the Mini Ha Ha. On the way onto the boat, my purse fell off my shoulder! Yep, my strap broke. Out of nowhere. Ironically, I bought that purse in Lake George 8 months earlier at Ocktoberfest. So I had to stuff the strap into the purse and carry it like a clutch. After lunch, I bought a new purse. Michael Kors no less!!

The boat ride was nice, there was a breeze and the lake was beautiful. Joe, Amber and William got sunburned. I put sunscreen on before we left. Who was the smart one?? (though I did burn slightly on the back of my shoulders because I always forget to put sunscreen there).

While on the boat, we took several nice pictures. The picture of Joe and I had to be cropped though, from the top of my chest up, and for good reasons that I will not mention here but use your imagination! Something we didn't realize til we looked at the picture later. Put it this way. Tip of the Day: Make sure your boobs are properly secured in your tank top before taking a picture!!

The public restrooms were annoying. The toilets had automatic flush. That's obnoxious. This was my experience....IN ONE POTTY BREAK. I was pulling toilet paper off of the roll to wipe down the seat when the toilet flushed. Then, I barely pulled my shorts down and the toilet flushed. The WORST part was the third time when I was SITTING on the toilet and it flushed! Crazy part was, when I was all finished I waited for the toilet to flush and it wouldn't, so I had to push the button.

After the four of us ate lunch, we decided to walk through Frankenstein's Wax Museum (side note..not a good idea after just eating). It wasn't really scary except for two times when you're walking through a dark hallway and suddenly lights flash with loud noises going off. I think the scariest part was Amber screaming most of the way. At the end, they have a bridge you have to cross but freaky lights that go around and around so when you're walking across the bridge, it feels like you're starting to spin. I made it halfway through when I had to stop and scream. Amber was behind me and dropped to her knees and screamed her head off. Then I laughed and finally made my way across. Once we got out, we all felt a little queasy.

We did get soaked by pouring rain two times but all in all, the weather was nice and we had a terrific day!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Got Cheese?

I was standing in line at the grocery store and happened to notice the groceries on the other side of the stick dividing a lady's groceries from mine. I spotted a brick of sharp cheddar cheese and thought “Crap! I wanted to grab a brick of cheese to have with wine tonight, but I forgot.”

I actually stood there thinking about how easy it would be to slip that brick of cheese over the divider and onto my side. The lady was busy (slowly) putting groceries up on the conveyor belt. She wouldn't notice! And the cashier certainly wasn't paying attention.

To take the cheese or not take the cheese? That was the question.

Of course I didn't take the cheese. That would have been wrong. Am I right?  It would have been stealing.  I mean it was HER cheese.  So....wrong?  Sigh.  I suppose.

But darn I sure did think about it!!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Have You Ever...............................

Knocked down a pile of apples at the grocery store after pulling one from the pile?

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Fallen off of a spinning chair?

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Stubbed your toe and DID NOT curse after?!

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Lost an ice cream cone?

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