Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Yes, I am an Addict


 Hi, my name is Melanie and I am addicted to coffee. And proud of it!

I grew up living with my grandparents until I was 15.  There were always a lot of visitors, goodies (gram used to bake every Saturday) and....you guessed it, COFFEE.

I don't recall if I tried coffee when I was a kid but I remember starting to drink it before I was 15 years old because that is the age that I was when we moved out. I've been addicted since.

Grandma always had, and still has, coffee on. Whether perked coffee or from the coffee maker, you can bet you'll find a pot of coffee sitting there when you pop up to visit. This is probably due to all the company my grandmother has always had throughout the years (grandpa had 14 brothers and sisters and most of them had kids and most of them had kids......plus friends and neighbors).

So to this day, I cannot get enough of coffee! My husband and I have a coffee maker and a Keurig. I drink my coffee black most of the time but when I get coffee out (ie, Dunkin), or sometimes as a treat at home, I'll use {flavored} creamer.

Coffee on the pack porch; coffee in bed or curled on a chair with a book; coffee while watching a movie; coffee anytime!!!!! Flavored (hazelnut and mocha are two faves) or plain but no decaf!! 6am or 8pm, bring on the coffee!!!

What's your addiction?!