Monday, December 26, 2016

Have You Read................

Have you read my two published children's books yet?  If not, please visit Amazon where you can find Hammy's New Home and If I Were A Duck to purchase for your Kindle or order a hard copy.

I'm proud of my accomplishments this year and look forward to publishing a few more children's books in the year 2017.  

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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Don't Snoop!!!

Ever year before Christmas, I would give my mom a Christmas list and because she was so kind and generous, she strived to get my sister and I what we wanted. She would wrap the gifts and place them under the tree and I would always sit in front of the tree looking at gifts to see which ones had my name on the tag but usually never touching or shaking.

Except one year.

One Christmas was a bad Christmas for me. I snooped. And I guessed.

First, I stumbled upon the work bench with tools that my grandfather had built for me because I loved to shadow him and “help” and learn while he built and fixed things. UGH I was devastated. My sister and uncle were with me and we all promised to keep it quiet because we didn't want to hurt grandpa's feelings.

Then, I decided to pick up the gifts under the tree with my name tag and shake them and try to guess what my mom bought for me. I never did that. And shouldn't have. I guessed she bought me a crimping iron (yes I used to crimp my hair!!....when it was “in”) and I guessed that she got me the doll I had been begging for.

I was pretty disappointed but got over it. Until Christmas day. I opened my gifts and felt awful because there was no surprise and even worse because my mom thought I was surprised when I really knew all along what was inside of those packages.

I held onto the beautiful doll I asked for, and then I went upstairs to my room and cried. My family couldn't figure it out. I am not sure if I told them but to this day I feel awful.

From that day on, I never (even now) looked under the tree at my gifts until it was time to open.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Want Great Christmas Gift Ideas??

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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Did You Know Part VIII

I cannot stand Candy Corn or Circus Peanuts
image from

I can't eat dessert with coffee like most people; I have to have cold water along with it
image from

I hide in my laundry room when I want to sneak a cookie or candy and not let my daycare kids find out

image from
I have eaten an entire box of granola bars in one sitting
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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Did You Know Part VII

I write upside down and crooked (I am left-handed)

I hate reading paperbacks (I DO read them, just don't like it)

I love to read so much that I usually read 1-2 novels every 10 days!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Let Kids be Kids

One of the things I hear often while my daycare kids are watching television is “That's for GIRLS” or “That's for BOYS”.


I played with all sorts of toys growing up. We lived out in the country so I was outside most of the time - hiking, building forts, playing in the dirt, etc. But the toys I played with varied from Barbie dolls to baby dolls to big trucks and Hulk Hogan figurines! It didn't matter that I was a girl and played with “boy toys” and it didn't matter that my best friend at the time (who was a boy) played “house” with me using baby dolls and play dishes! We just PLAYED.

In my daycare, I have toys that anyone can play with. If the boys want to play with the baby dolls and pretend to feed and burp them, I let them. If the girls want to play with cars and trucks, I let them. To me, it doesn't matter what the toy is.  As long as the kids are having fun, I let them go.

So instead of worrying that our boys are going to grow up being a “sissy” because they play with dolls, or a girl is going to grow up being a tomboy because she loves toy trucks, just let them be. Let them use their imaginations and have fun. Let them learn how to be nurturing but tough. As long as they're playing and using their imaginations, let them go!

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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

New Venture!!

So in addition to running a home daycare, giving private piano lessons, writing children's books and managing a household, I now sell Avon!!  You can check out my web page on the link below.  Prices are great, products are great, and I think I'm going to have a lot of fun selling!!!

Thanks for your support!!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Painting in My Underwear!!

I should not be allowed to paint!! Not only do I hate painting, but I always have incidents when I do.

 image from

Last night I was helping my husband paint a stair rail he had built, and some bookshelves. The following occurred:

~ I sat in paint. My shorts were covered in paint, as well as my rear end! So I stripped from waist down, cleaned myself off, put new underpants on and painted with no shorts!  **And a prime example why I don't encourage pop-in visits!!

~ I somehow sat on a staple. Stuck right in my butt cheek. Good times.

~ I got paint in my hair. Don't ask. I have no idea.

Other than that, I did pretty well. Missed a few spots, had paint all over my arms and my legs, but the painting is done for now. For good, hopefully. I mean really, I'll just hire someone next time!!!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Pierogies and Parcheesi

Recently, my aunt and uncle from Missouri visited us in Upstate, NY. As we do every year that they visit, we had an awesome pierogi dinner.

photo courtesy of youtube

This visit, after we ate a hearty meal of pierogies, kielbasa and other yummy things I can't remember as I was in a food coma, we played a game of Parcheesi. This was my first time playing this game. If you have never played, it's like the game “Trouble” but with more strategy. If you've never played Parcheesi OR Trouble, then Google it!

 photo from

On this very night of Pierogies and Parcheesi, I happened to win the game. Not only did I win, but I CRUSHED my opponents.

So it was a fun night at my grandparent's old farmhouse and I look forward to a rematch next year!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Bad Drivers!!

As I was walking through the parking lot at the grocery store, I watched as a young woman pulled into a parking spot, not looking up as she was driving, and finally noticed me before she hit me.

She then put her cell phone down.

Ironically, she had a Baby on Board sticker on her window. And a baby in the back seat of the car.

I have several issues with this woman. She was on her cell phone while driving. And she was on her cell phone while driving with her baby in the back seat!! She has a Baby on Board sticker on her car and I honestly don't agree with those because (just like the Watch for Motorcycles signs) the DRIVER has to be careful as well as other drivers. So just because you have a sign on your car warning drivers that you have a baby in your car, doesn't mean that YOU can drive stupidly.

I'm done with the stupid part of the population.

Monday, August 1, 2016

My Second Book!

My second children's book has been published and is available to purchase as an eBook (hard copies to be released in the near future).  Follow the link below to purchase!!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Another Book!!

My second children's book will be released on August 1st as an eBook which you can find on Amazon to purchase for a low price and download onto your Kindle.  Hard copies will be released in the near future!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Dressing Room Blunder

Recently, my husband and I decided to head up to Khol's, as I needed some shorts and sundresses for this terribly hot/humid summer.

Normally, my only mishaps in the dressing rooms are not being able to get a shirt or dress off; I get stuck, I laugh out loud, end up getting the garment off of myself without tearing it, and all is well.

This time, however, was almost utterly humiliating. No, I didn't get anything stuck this time.

I tried on a few shirts while still wearing my pants, but I wasn't wearing a bra because the cute little sleeveless top I was wearing that night did not need a bra with it. So, after trying on all of the shirts, I grabbed my purse and the clothes and opened the door to the dressing room. Just as I stepped out, I realized I had no shirt on. Yep, nude above waist. No bra. No shirt. Naked. BOOBS!!!

image from

I quickly ducked back into the dressing room, locked the door and laughed hysterically. Oh yes, it doesn't take a lot to amuse me. If there were other women in that dressing room, I'm sure they thought I was a nut case and perhaps I was. Perhaps I was.

Thankfully, my husband and I got through the rest of the night with no other mishaps.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

It Happens

Remember the scene in the movie “Home Alone” where the boy (Kevin) is walking alone and carrying two grocery bags.....and then the groceries fall through onto the ground?

image from youtube

Yeahhhhhhhhhh....that was me at the store today.

Good times.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Have You Ever.......

Stepped on a lego with bare feet.....and
didn't swear???
image from

Lost your sandal in the toilet because you attempted to flush with your foot??
 image from
Sat down with your coffee cup and then realized you forgot to pour coffee in it??
image from

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Since I was born in 1978, I grew up in the 80's and early 90's so I consider myself pretty lucky. There were SUPER cool toys back then!!

I always had fun toys growing up, thanks to my mom (and the era, ha ha). We had dolls, games and other fun stuff. I have so many great memories of playing with Cabbage Patch Dolls, Smurf game, My Little Ponies, Popples, Pound Puppies, and more!!

One memory recently popped into my head and I admit I still miss this item I had as a child.

My Little Pony Hide n Sleep

A Hide n Sleep is a tent that you put on your mattress, with a sheet attached to the bottom, so your bed is a tent!! My sister and I both had one but I think I loved mine more. I love small, cozy spaces and to me it was like hiding. I would pretend I was camping (funny because now I hate camping), pretend I was in a boat, etc.

That's one of my favorite things that I had growing up!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Hammy's New Home - Order Now!

Have you purchased my children's book Hammy's New Home yet?   What are you waiting for?  Go to and order as an eBook for your Kindle OR order a hard copy by contacting me at and I'll direct you on how to pay via PayPal (unless you're local).

Click on this link to order through Amazon Kindle..... 

Thank you for your support and please spread the word!  I'm anticipating a release date of August 2016 for my second children's book so make sure you get a copy of Hammy's New Home first!!


Monday, April 25, 2016

Did You Know Part VI

A few more interesting tidbits about ME!!

I am a very scheduled person. In fact, some would call it OCD. I have a need to know schedules weeks, sometimes months, in advance or I feel like I'm going crazy!! I have a calendar on my phone; I have a date book for my daycare and a date book for events outside of work. I am also very organized and love to keep track of what is going on and when. I think I'd make a great Event Planner!

I love castles. I'm fascinated with them because they're beautiful and huge but also because of secret passageways and dungeons, tunnels etc. I've never visited a castle but that's on my Bucket List.

I absolutely cannot stand when someone talks to me while I'm vacuuming, in the bathroom, or if I just went to another floor in the house (ie, I run upstairs and they call after me). My husband does this all of the time. I CANNOT HEAR YOU!!!! And it's annoying.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Did You Know Part V

A few more fun facts about ME!

I have a phobia of taking baths!!
Yes, you read correctly. I have a phobia of taking baths. I take showers, I'm not a scum, but cannot take a bath. I took baths as a kid and loved them. I'm not sure when this phobia began and I'm not exactly sure if I'm scared or if it grosses me out.....but I cannot stand it therefore I don't do it.
 photo from

I'm afraid of the dark!
I can sleep in darkness but that is because my blankets are “protecting me” [eyes rolling]; but I hate walking through my house when it's dark (ie, turning the lights off downstairs and walking upstairs if there are no lights on upstairs), I hate blackouts, etc. I'm not afraid of ghosts, I'm afraid of murderers!
photo from

I don't “cry” while peeling/cutting onions.
Sometimes, but not all of the time, my eyes burn and feel like they're burning out of my head, but I never tear up!
 photo from

I am OCD when it comes to clutter.
I cannot stand clutter. I throw things away and put things in their place but the OCD part is that I throw things away hastily (ie, important mail or papers or receipts) and down the road when we're looking for something I remember I tossed it. OOPS!!!
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Friday, March 18, 2016

Fridays Five Favorites!!

I haven't done this in quite awhile but I would like to start back up. I have so much to be thankful for and even on “bad” weeks I can still find at least five favorites from that week. 

This week hasn't been as busy as most and I've felt pretty good physically (unlike last week) which is a miracle because most of my daycare children are sick with colds and/or ear infections. Ahh, the weather changes in Upstate NY and good health becomes a battle.

Despite all of that, here are my favorites!!

My #1 fave this week – and actually for this new year – is the book I published called Hammy's New Home. I worked on this book for a long time. The writing part was easy – I got the idea from my friend's, Hope and Donny's, pig, Sir Hamelot (aka “Hammy”). The illustrations (by my friend, Chris Strange) took awhile because they're very detailed and very wonderful. The editing and computer work was the hardest. A lot of late nights and naughty words, lol. But I finished it and it was published on Amazon Kindle on December 31, 2015 and printed a few months ago!!

I'm very proud of this accomplishment and I have FOUR others (children's books) in the works to be published and printed for future dates. If you'd like to download a copy of my Hammy book, go to the following link:

If you'd like a hard copy, you can email me at and let me know how many you want and pay by check or PayPal.

I have a lot of friends, some closer than others, and a couple of “best” friends, but this week I would like to acknowledge one of my best friends, Tina. Tina is awesome. I have her daughter in my daycare and we became fast friends. She is supportive, encouraging, helpful, kind and loving. I couldn't ask for a better friend. She has supported me 110% since I got my children's book published. She shares my posts and advertises for me and is hosting a book signing event tomorrow at her store, Affordable Babies Clothing and Supplies Store (located in Herkimer). She is always there when I need to talk, cry or laugh. I love Tina like a sister and if you have a friend like that you are truly blessed.
 slightly intoxicated!!!

And please check out her Facebook page at

Our house is falling apart both on the outside and inside! The outside needs painting, which will be done by summer of this year, and the inside....well, ugh. Our linoleum floor in the kitchen was ripping up, no thanks to our dogs. I hate linoleum anyway. The area rugs in our living and piano rooms were getting torn up and old (daycare, dogs and cats.....things don't last long here). And walls needed painting
So we sold our wood stove (we never used it) and used the money for renovations. My husband painted kitchen and living room walls and put down a nice, laminate wood flooring in the kitchen. 
We replaced the rugs in the living and piano rooms and bought curtains. It looks so much better!! The 2nd floor needs work but that will probably be done this Fall.

Ok, I hate losing an hour of sleep with the Spring time change but I love that it stays lighter longer. And with the weather nicer, we've been able to take the dogs on the trail near our house to walk instead of around town.

This didn't happen this week but a couple of months ago and I want to mention it. My husband and I offered to foster a dog named Hitch. He got his name because a rescue group in Georgia found him lying on the side of the road after he was hit by a car so they called him Hitch Hiker. They did surgery on his leg and he was adopted and later moved up to NY. Long story short, his owner couldn't keep him anymore. We had him for one day and knew we would keep him. He is a Mountain Cur Hound Mix and the BEST dog ever.
I love my Border Collies but Hitch has a calm manner about him but is also a lot of fun. So now we have 3 dogs and 2 cats. Nuts? Nah, just a loving family!!
Luke, Hitch, and Cole

Those are my favorite fives for this week! Please share your favorites or blessings from this week. Remember, when things seem dim and bleak, there's always a silver lining. There are always things to be thankful for! Have a great weekend!!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Did You Know Part IV

Some more fun facts about me that you may not know about............

I cannot stand the movie “ET”. Don't know why, just don't like it.
 image from

I love to smell things!! Books, NEW shoes/sneakers, magazines, baby heads, purses and wallets (to name a few).
 image from

I am addicted to purses. I can't count how many I have right now but this addiction will need its own blog post.
 image from

Nicolas Cage is my favorite actor.
image from

 What are a few fun facts about YOU?

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Working With the Public and Why I Don't Do it.....

I have a home daycare. I've had this daycare for just about 5 years. I love kids but one of the good reasons for me running a daycare is that I simply cannot tolerate the public 99% of the time. Been there, done that. I am not patient with mean, whiny, complaining adults.   The only "public" I want to work with is daycare parents, piano students, Mary Kay customers and my book buyers. I guess I'll have to work on the patience a little more, but still.

If I were a:

Stylist: One snotty comment and I'd either stab them in the head with scissors or cut off more hair than was supposed to.

Waitress: Oh I'm sorry, you didn't want lettuce on your burger and can't take it off yourself? Sure I'll bring you a new one. After I drop it on the dirty floor!!

Teacher: OH MY GOSH IF YOU HAVEN'T GOTTEN IT BY NOW GO WORK AT McDONALDS!! (note: nothing wrong with working at McD's for a starter job or if that's all that is available)

Grocery Store Clerk: I'm sorry, you have more than 14 items this is Express CAN'T YOU READ????? Do you think you're MORE special? I don't care about your coupons either!

Nurse: If you complain too much I'll likely jab the needle into your arm a little harder.

Staff at Nursing Home: Pillow.  Face.  'Nuff said.

Now I am by all means not an evil person. I simply cannot tolerate most people in public situations. They complain too much or think they have so many rights they should get priority or special treatment.

image from

I've seen and heard people treat nurses like crap and I absolutely HATE that because most nurses are super nice and want to help you....SO BE NICE!! I've been a waitress and I know how it feels to be treated badly and then get a bad tip.

I can take a temper tantrum from a child.  I can deal with the complaining.  I can hack the food fussiness.  They're children.  They're learning and don't know better.

Adults?  Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, you know better.

So for those of you who are customers or students or stuck in a nursing home or hospital, all I have to say is GOOD GRIEF JUST BE NICE, IT WILL NOT KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!

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