Friday, February 19, 2016

Children's Books Available!!!

My first children's book, "Hammy's New Home" now is available in hard copy!  Each book is $10.99 plus tax for a total of $11.90.  There will be a shipping charge if you need the book(s) shipped to you.  No shipping charge if you pickup.

If you would like to purchase a book, please contact me via Facebook message or at and let me know how many copies you want and your email address and how you would like to pay.  I do have a PayPal account set up for purchase or you can pay with check or cash.

Also available on Amazon for a low price of $2.99 to download on your tablet or Kindle!

Thank you for your support!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day. Another commercialized holiday to make people spend a lot of money and gain a lot of weight!! Another holiday to cause people that are alone to feel even more alone and sad.

My mother always made Valentine's Day special for my sister and I....and she still does! Every year we get a cute card and a little gift bag full of goodies. I used to do the same for my stepdaughter. But I never expected anything from a man....not my boyfriends (in the past) nor my husband now. When Joe (my husband) and I were dating, and in the first year or two of marriage, we would get each other a Valentine's card and gift but then we were finally honest with each other.....neither of us liked the commercialism of the holiday that told people ON THIS DAY YOU HAVE TO SHOW AND PROFESS YOUR LOVE!! Heck, we can do that any day of the year!!

I do make Valentine's with my daycare kids and get them cute candy and cookies. I do buy my mother and grandmother a little candy. I'm not a total scrooge!!

I have come to hate the commercialism in every holiday. Christmas – a holiday that was based on the celebration of the birth of Christ – has become more commercialized than any holiday. Easter, Thanksgiving, etc....all of them for the big corporations. What happened to simple? Simple cute Easter baskets for your kids and little dresses and bonnets as you went to church or had Easter dinner with family? A Christmas tree and decorations with Christmas carols and family get togethers and a few gifts? Nothing is simple anymore.

So back to Valentine's Day! I am not, by any means, saying that people who do celebrate are wrong. You're a romantic, you like to make people feel good, etc. That's great!! But as for me and mine, we don't celebrate it.

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I would like to tell everyone out there who doesn't have that special someone, its OK! You're loved every day of the year anyway by other people and you certainly are special so don't let some silly “holiday” tell you otherwise.  I get sad and annoyed when I see facebook posts from single people (usually women) who are sadly stating they won't have a Valentine's this year.  It's even more sad that you're basing your self worth on whether or not you have a man to take you out to dinner and buy you a card and chocolates! You are WONDERFUL with or without that.

If you have a special someone for Valentine's Day then great!  If not, WHO CARES??  Like I said, you're loved anyway and you're worthy and special.  See that in yourself!