Sunday, February 26, 2017

Blog Block

Have you ever experienced “Blog Block”? It's like Writer's Block except with your Blog. I'll admit, I don't blog as much as I should, but I'm very busy. And I think that is what has me blocked lately.

I am a very busy person with my jobs, writing, and home life; but there's no reason I should be so busy that my mind is blank!

I am burned out.

I love what I do, all that I do, and I wouldn't drop any of it. But sometimes because I AM so busy, my mind gets blocked. I don't know what to write. I can't even concentrate on reading fellow blogger's blog posts.

So my message is this. If you're going to be busy whether with work like I do, or if you have kids and little time, or whatever is going on in your life, make sure you take time for YOU. That means blogging, reading, taking a nice walk (without dogs!) or a bubble bath (unless you're like me and taking a bath is frightening). Life is too short to rush around and get your mind in a fog.

Take it from me, I'm blocked.
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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A New Book!

I recently wrote another children’s book.  The illustrations are finished and I am in the process of putting the book together to prepare for printing.

I’m excited about this book because of how I ended up writing it.  I occasionally do volunteer work for a group in my hometown called Pause 4 All Paws (find them on Facebook, Pause 4 All Paws).  They are an animal rescue group and do wonderful and hard, and sometimes heart-breaking, work.  This group rescues animals from bad situations or sad situations, finds foster care and/or adoption.  They do fundraising events and help people who are looking to adopt or looking to find their pet a new home.

This group is made up of a wonderful group of people, one who is co-founder of the group, Johanna Stock.  One day, Johanna and I were having a conversation about my children’s books and I jokingly said I should write a book about a little girl who rescues animals (based on Johanna's daughter). Johanna’s daughter is a fun little girl who loves helping her mama with events and loves the animals.

After our conversation, I sat down with my laptop to work on another book I’m in the process of writing but I couldn’t concentrate.  Instead, I brought up a new sheet and began typing.  I was so excited about this story!

The book is called Annie to the Rescue.  I don’t want to give the story away but it involves a little girl named Annie and two dogs.  This book will be dedicated to Johanna, her daughter, and Pause for All Pause.  I am an avid animal lover (and called a “foster failure” as my husband and I have adopted two fosters and rescued two others).

I look forward to the printing of this book (look for it this Spring!!) and in the meantime, check out Amazon for my other two books, Hammy’s New Home and If I Were a Duck!

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