Monday, April 17, 2017

My Poor Clothes!!

On Easter weekend, my husband and I drove down to Washington, D.C. to meet up with my stepson and spend time with him (he lives further down south and attends college). I love D.C. – partly because I was born there 30-something years ago at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, and partly because it's gorgeous down there!

My husband and I took off Friday after work. We enjoy road trips and usually we have no mishaps either on the road or during our trip. This time there were a few. I call them “Clothing Mishaps”.

On the ride down, I tried using my new coffee travel mug from Walmart (and not cheap either!). For some reason I couldn't get the coffee to come out smoothly. I eventually burned my lip and spilled coffee all over my face and my new Lularoe shirt (also not cheap). I smelled like coffee for the rest of the ride, which you would think I would love, given my love for coffee. No. I did not smell good. Not at all.

I tend to pack a few different outfits based on what we might do on a trip. Included were two tops from Khol's; one sleeveless and one long sleeve but very light fabric. On Saturday, I decided to wear the sleeveless top as it was going to be warm. Nope. Couldn't wear that top. It had somehow SHRUNK in the wash (I never put any clothes in the dryer so I cannot fathom how this shrunk by washing it). It had shrunk so much it was a belly shirt. That went in the trash.

I tried the other Khol's shirt. That one had never been worn. If I had tried, I would have noticed the SECURITY TAG that was still attached to it!! Grrrr, how mad was I??? How did they not take that off?? That shirt also went in the trash. It was marked down to $6.00 on clearance and not worth my time and effort to take back to Khol's and ask them to remove the tag.

Good times.

The rest of the trip went well, despite the protestors downtown (don't get me started). I figured the ride home would be nice, despite the fact that I had major allergy issues due to the horrid pollen down south. Did the trip home go without mishap? Almost! I spilled coffee on my NEW shirt (this one from Khol's that had not shrunk and that had no attached security tag). I'm not sure how I managed to spill again since I was not using my travel mug. But somehow I did.

Lessons I learned from the trip:
    1.  Before packing, check all clothes for security tags and shrinkage.
    2.  Test out a new travel mug before using, or just stick to Dunkin' Donuts styrofoam cups AND wear a plastic bib.

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