Friday, May 19, 2017

I Failed My Banana Bread!

If you know me, even just by reading my blog posts, you know that I am not savvy in the kitchen. And that's an understatement.

But today I decided to try to make banana bread since I had five disgustingly brown bananas. I've made banana bread in the past and it came out so-so. What did I have to lose?

First, I preheated the oven. Easy thing, right? Stay tuned.

Next, I mashed the bananas in a big bowl and then realized I had no eggs in the house. So I covered the bowl and ran to the store. No big deal, right?

When I came back, I tried to hurry the process a little since the Dunkin Donuts coffee that I grabbed on the way home was getting cold and I HATE cold coffee.

Hurrying does no good.

I read the opposite page and added one cup of milk to the mix. Oops. Oh well, maybe the bread would just be creamy?

Mixed in other ingredients and realized I only had bread flour, no regular flour. Well gee, bread flour makes things rise, right? RIGHT??? Sure, so I added that. Next came baking soda. Ugh, I didn't have THAT either. Who cares, it was only like a tsp so I skipped it.

Finished mixing ingredients, poured batter into a baking pan, and opened the oven. OOPS, I forgot I had cookie sheets in the oven. Ugh, they were nice and hot. And gross since they needed to be washed (hey, I put them in there when I was in denial about washing dishes).

So the bread baked. And baked. Anddddddddddddddddddddddd baked.

Here is the end result, pictured below. Moist inside, sunken outside and, DISGUSTING.

So from now on, I QUIT!!