Saturday, September 23, 2017

Coffee Woes

I had a bad coffee day on Friday. Those who know me know that I LOVE coffee and am an avid coffee drinker. Can I survive without coffee? Sure. But I really don't want to test that one.

Friday, though, was not my coffee day.

Woke up too late to enjoy more than half cup of coffee. Realized I left my travel mug at work so I couldn't take any with me. Decided to try to stop at Dunkin and get a pumpkin spice coffee...nope, every Dunkin from here to there was packed. Tried to use the keurig at work and ended up breaking the top off of the little plastic insert you put your coffee grounds in (of course I didn't have a k-cup). Snagged a cup from the other offices and it was completely watered down.


I did finally get ONE good cup that day but the struggle was real.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Did You Know Part XI

Concerning Ice Cream

~ I hate sherbet ice cream, especially ORANGE

~  I love strawberry ice cream but not the chunks (do they make SOFT strawberry??)

~ I have never tasted pistachio ice cream (what the heck??) 

~ There are over 1,000 flavors of ice cream!!

What's YOUR favorite??

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Good Times

My Facebook account was recently hacked. Good times. NOT.

Normally, if you get a friend request from someone you're already friends with, THAT is the “virus” or “hack”. Nope, not in my case because this is my life. 

My normal account was hacked and then it locked me out and I have no way of getting back into it. So I had to create a new account, same name. Of course everyone was confused!

And of course I couldn't just be hacked and that be the end. The night I found out about the account, my youngest dog (and smallest and fastest) sneaked out the back gate when the garbage was being taken out, and he ran. And he is fast.

I ran after him and when I was just about close enough to grab him, I took a leap.

Bad idea.

It all happened so fast. I landed on my knees and arms, skidding along, scraping my hands, and the grand finale was the face plant. Yep, face on pavement.

Thankfully, I didn't break anything. My glasses are a little scratched but not broken. A small scratch near my nose and slightly tender, but no break.  Some scratches and bruises on my arm.

My left knee was torn to shreds and I'll spare you by not showing you a pic. It's grotesque.

So all is fairly well now. I have a new FB account; still answering questions people have about the accounts and confusion; and I'm pretty sore from landing on the pavement. BUT! I did catch my dog and I'm not broken so hoo-rah.

This has been a fun two days {again....sarcasm}