Saturday, January 13, 2018

Birthdays Should Be Special

As my 40th birthday draws near (yes, the big one), I've been thinking about past birthdays.  Growing up, my mom always made birthdays fun for my sister and I.  Since my birthday is February 8th and falls two weeks before Valentine's Day, my mom would make my birthday cake with pink frosting (and sometimes sprinkles). At some point, the cake ended up being heart-shaped after she bought the heart-shaped moldings.  For my birthday parties as a child, she would include the pink and white Valentine's M&M's along with pink and white decorations.  I love that she always went out of her way to make my birthday special.

I remember one year I wanted a toy stove for my birthday (God only knows why...I hate to cook as an adult and am an "epic fail" at it) and I did get that stove for a gift!!
 me with grandpa with my new stove (and my sister in a box)

For those of you who have children, I hope you go out of your way to make your child's birthday extra special because those are memories that will stay with them forever.  If you don't have children, make a special birthday celebration for loved ones or friends.


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  1. I always try to make my.littles birthday special. This year she will be 4 and is picking out what she wants all by herself. (I helped her pick last year). As of now, she wants Batman and if that's what she still wants when it's time, then that's what she'll get.