Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Silly Day

So today was fun. That's not sarcastic, it really was!! Silly things and laughter...made my day.

First was this...I was eating a cookie at work and half of it broke off and fell on the floor. I backed my chair up to look for it and CRUNCH! Oops...nice dark cookie ground into the rug. For some reason that made me laugh hysterically until I was near tears.

Later, I took my glasses off and set them on my desk for a minute and when I reached to pick them up, I grabbed my pen instead. Needless to say, pen in the eye!! {I'm ok}

This evening I went to the grocery store, and before going inside I stopped at the mailbox to throw an envelope in but my grocery list was in the same hand so down they both went!

And last but not least, at home I closed the back gate and since there's a lot of snow I had to slam it and as soon as it slammed, snow from the top fell onto my head. YAY!!!! I laughed; it's all good.

So those were the fun/funny things in my day. If you can't laugh at yourself...well, I don't know the rest of the saying but I sure as heck laugh at myself!


  1. 🍪 + ✏ + 📝 + ⛄ = 😂😂😂😂😒😒

  2. omgosh....TOO FUNNY!!!! HEY!!! you need to do the Friday Faves again!!! we miss you!!