Sunday, September 2, 2018

My Shoes!

I have had no luck with shoes this weekend.   Honestly, I should have walked around barefoot.
On Saturday, I was walking my dog and he stopped to pee. Before I realized it, he was peeing on my foot!!  So not only did I have a soaked foot, I had a soaked sandal as well.  Of course those went in the trash {shudder}.
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And then!  This morning I was walking down my very steep stairs and when I got to the curved part at the bottom, my foot slipped and down I went…coffee and all.  My foot twisted and coffee got everywhere, including on my oldest dog who was at the bottom of the stairs!!  Thankfully the coffee wasn’t hot, but both Luke and I smelled like coffee.  Oh and did I mention that coffee spilled ALL over my nice slippers as well?  Yeah. Well, those could be washed, thankfully.

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Last but not least…I put on my OLD sandals and when I walked out back to play with the dogs, the strap snapped, causing my foot to come out of the sandal and me to trip.  I’m not hurt…just my pride.

So this was not a good weekend for shoes and slippers, and the worst part is, the weekend isn’t even over!!

Maybe I’ll walk around barefoot until Monday.