Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2019 - Answered Prayers

I live in Upstate New York where natural disasters are far and few between.  We don't have to worry about tornadoes or hurricanes or forest fires.  Not on a normal basis, anyway.  However, we do sometimes get extreme winds and pretty bad winter weather.

This morning, the first of the year 2019, the winds were so strong they shook the house and woke my husband and I up from our sleep.  I laid there worrying, as usual (I am a worrier), and began to pray.  I didn't just pray for my house and safety but the safety of my family and friends, and – of course – animals without shelter.

My prayer for my house was specific.  “Please keep us safe in our home and don't let any damage come to our house or car due to winds.”  Simple, right?

Joe and I went downstairs to see if there was any damage outside.  We saw that two of our many fence panels were hanging by a thread and one of the posts was cracked.  We have three dogs, so we need our yard to be completely fenced in.  Not to mention it was cold and raining with strong winds, so it wasn't like we could run out and fix it right away.

So, we leashed up the dogs to take them outside to go potty, and then we waited.  But like I said, the wind was nerve-wracking.  It was shaking our house and, of course, we were wondering if we needed to go to Lowe's later in the day to replace the posts and fence panels.  And then we wondered if the ground would be soft enough to dig holes for the posts.  How long would it take?  Would we be able to fix the fence today?  What a pain to leash the dogs up every time they had to go outside.

The only thing we could do was try to get some sleep and worry about it later.  As I laid in bed, I thought, “Why, Lord?  I prayed to You.  I asked You to keep our home safe from damage.  Why did You let this happen?”  But I heard nothing but my anxious, beating heart.

Later came.  The rain stopped and the winds ceased just a little.  We bundled up and went outside to assess the damage.  As I stood there in the cold and wind, while my husband gathered his screw gun and other tools he may need, I thought – again – why, Lord?

Then the Lord answered me.

“Did you ask Me to protect your house and your car and keep you in safety?”


“Did I keep you safe and let no damage come upon your house and your car?”



I then realized the Lord DID answer my prayers.  I didn't ask Him to keep my property from damage and place a hedge of protection around our entire property, just our house and our car.  And He did.

God wants us to be specific in our prayers.  He may answer “yes” and He may answer “no” because He has a plan for all of us and sometimes He does allow things to happen to teach us or guide us or be there for others who may need us some day.

He not only answered my prayers but taught us a lesson.  Don't procrastinate.  We had – thankfully – two new fence posts lying around that we bought this summer to replace two older fence panels but never did—the same panels that had fallen in the wind.  We didn't need to buy new posts OR panels because the panels were not damaged.

After about an hour of freezing, the fence was fixed.  And I was humbled.

Thank You, Lord, for answered prayers.


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