Sunday, January 13, 2019

My Latest Children's Book

My fourth children’s book is almost ready to be released. This one is a chapter book for readers around ages 5-9 and is the first in a series called Border Buddies

This series is based on my two border collie dogs, Luke and Cole, and is about fun adventures that they go on, trouble they get into, and new friends they meet.

The book was more difficult than my first three, not just because it was my first chapter book but because putting it together was more difficult than the others that were simpler. You would think a chapter book with only one photo above each chapter number would be easy and quick to put together and self-publish. You’d be wrong in that thinking. I went through hours of formatting, re-writing, editing, proofing, and photo placement. My editor, Nay Merrill, edited the book and then had to do another final proof later because I had made more changes. (An author never does final editing of their work…we don’t see mistakes others may see because our work is “our baby.”)

So, after many weeks of putting the book together, after many months of re-writing, the book is finally finished and submitted to a self-publishing company. If all goes well, the release date will be this week. You can stay tuned for publication by visiting, liking, and following my Facebook page,

You can also visit my author website at

This book will be available online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I hope you and your little ones enjoy reading it.

Thank you for your support!!

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