Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Not Meant to Be

At Dunkin' Donuts today, the apple fritter that I was eating went down the wrong pipe and I began to choke. No one came running, no one gasped or asked if I was ok. The two old ladies sitting nearby my table just looked at me with disgust. I finally choked the piece down and was fine. But I guess the fritter wasn't meant to be.
Later on, I was eating Doritos and what happened? Yes, a Dorito went down the wrong pipe. Sigh. I'm fine. My husband didn't seem to notice that I was choking (or maybe he ignored me) but it was fine. I guess the Doritos weren't meant to be.

I'm sticking to liquids the rest of the night!!

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Meet the Border Buddes

My fourth children’s book is called Border Buddies. This is the first children’s chapter book in the series about my two border collie dogs, Luke and Cole. In this series, you’ll follow my dogs on fun adventures, find out who they meet and what trouble they get into.

In real life, Luke is ten and Cole is almost nine. My husband and I adopted Luke when he was only six weeks old and he is a spoiled pup! Cole was a year and a half when we rescued him (he was abused and severely neglected); he didn’t know how to act like a dog, he never had the chance to be a “normal” puppy. We trained him how to walk on his leash, play frisbee, and a bunch of doggy commands that every dog should know at his age. He is super happy and appreciates everything we do for him.

 Cole and Luke

In the Border Buddies series, I capture their personalities just as they are in real life. Luke is older and very set in his ways; he doesn’t like change off of the normal course, he loves food and treats and playtime. Cole is a free spirit and very distracted by birds and squirrels (but very obedient).

Luke and Cole have an adopted brother, a mountain cur mix named Hitch (who is seven) who came into our family a few years ago. In the second book of the Border Buddies series, you’ll get to meet and know Hitch (I had already begun to write the stories before we adopted Hitch).

I love animals (as you can tell). We have three dogs and two cats (Simba and Stryder who are rescue cats) and there is never a dull moment in our house. Ever. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. Life would be boring for sure.

I hope you’ll join the Border Buddies on their adventures! You can find the first book in the series on Amazon or Barnes and Noble online, available for your Kindle or printed copies.

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